Saturday, June 28, 2008

babies being born


sooo they had their baby- aaaand it's a GIRL! whoa!!! they thought it was a boy- mwahahahaha! her name is Jael & we are "allowed" to go see her tomorrow ::eye roll::

i also just got back from 1 1/2 hours of little kid ballet/tap recital cuteness. it's also a nice reminder of my barreness- nice!
my sister in law is currently in labor- she was 6 cm dialated this morning & she should be popping this kid out within the next couple hours. great huh?

well here's the kicker, since my brother & sister in law are both CRAZY, PARANOID, IMMATURE, LAME ASS losers, no one is allowed to go to the hospital to actually be with them or even meet this child. hmmm- awesome. i've gone into great detail about these two in this blog before, so if you look back you'll see what i mean about them being insane. they really are.

so yeah, now we all wait. my parents, my brothers & sisters, my neices & nephews, my other sister in law, brandon & i- we all wait. i'm shocked that my lunatic brother even called to let "us" know (he called my brother & SIL in Minn. & told them) so i'll be even more suprised if he actually calls to let us know when the baby is born- and i'll be even more in shock if his crazy ass wife let's us come and see the baby.

perhaps i will have to be satisfied with simply knowing that i have a nephew- i might not ever get to see him, but at least i know i've got one! sweeeet!

oh well- we'll see.
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