Tuesday, June 3, 2008

wtf?! appt follow up

ok, so we met with the RE and he said that he really has no idea why this didn't work- everything was perfect, but it just didn't happen. that's what we figured, but it was nice to hear him say it. we asked why we only transferred 1 & he said he really doesn't know- he wasn't the RE that did the ET so he had no control over that. this time we're going to put in at least 2, maybe even 3, thawed embies.

he gave us the protocol & it looks SO much easier than a fresh cycle. i'm stoked! i'm a little worried though because it might conflict with our vacation (07/03-07/07) i really hope we can work around it because i don't want to have to wait another cycle!!!

so yeah- we're pretty hopeful that this will work- of course we were last time too and it didn't- but yeah. this HAS to work- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GOD!
and that's about it for now!
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Echloe said...

So is your RE going to do the next transfer? I'm glad that next time they are going to put in a few embies. And I hope it all times will with your vaca.

Oh yeah. TAG! check out my blog to see what this means.

janineb said...

sounds like this doc is more proactive, glad to hear it. dare I say it, :::triplets dust:::!

Jennifer said...

Just wanted to send *hugs* your way and wish you tons of luck with your FET!

Katie said...

I love this - a WTF appointment. I already had a WTF phone call with my RE, 3 days ago when my obsessive home testing gave me closure at least. He is still making me go in for the ridiculous beta on Thursday, meaning I have to keep taking those horrid progesterone shots through Wednesday night until the bad news comes. Anyway. It sounds like you have a plan to move forward which will hopefully give you something to focus on and aim for. GOOD LUCK!!!