Monday, June 16, 2008

this weekend produced:

thanks to the lovely Adkins- i went to the mall, this weekend, and in my clutches was a 25% off coupon to Coach- soooo after much debating, i left the mall with the following:

nice right?! it was either another bag or the glasses- obviously the glasses were WAY less and they were the last pair like it in the store, so i had to have them! i LOVE THEM!!

however, i also had to stop at the new Sephora and i left with a limited edition bottle of DKNY Delicious- yum! i'm usually a Clinique Happy kind of girl, but i just love this scent. mmmm.

obviously i also had to stop at Godiva...bad idea, but so good!!!! i was good, though, and brought most of them hope to brandon!!!

i aaaaalso decided to make Oreo Truffles:

i made a batch of regular & mint creme- they were a little time consuming, but sooo good!!!
i sent half of them off with brandon & i'll take the rest with me when i go in to work- however i'm working the late shift this week (11:30-8:30) so it'll be awhile before i can justify eating a few moreof them!!!

and that's about it- i was hoping to be able to post about a break cycle BFP but that is SO not gonna happen- AF is very muchly on her way- ugh. lame, infertile body! hopefully she shows up by tomorrow or wed so i can fit my FET cycle in around our vacation!! woo-hoo!
God Bless
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