Monday, June 9, 2008

the weekend in review

so, i don't know if gary loves me as much as i love him:

look at him- he looks downright pissy, i swear he was purring though! poor kitty- i just wanna snuggle his tummy all the time!!! he's so cute!

aaaanyway- let's talk about how hot it was this weekend- um, yeah! the humidity was killer on my hair- it was all inflated & such. straightening it = pointless

hmmm, what else- oh yeah- so napoleon & deb (our sugar gliders) escaped their cage on friday night- we usually keep them in it because they're a pain in the ass to find if the do get out and i've always feared that the cats might try & eat them- so in the cage they stay- however, brandon left the cage door open and out they came!

we heard gary "playing" with something and when brandon went to look he freaked out and told me to "come quick" i rushed into the kitchen to see gary on his back, simply playing with them- they weren't really interested but he was having a blast- then maceo joined in & started swatting them- however i didn't see eating attempts so i think i can stop worrying about that. anyway- they're kind of hard to get back in the age, because even though they weigh about 4oz- they have sharp little teeth that they like to bite you with if you pick them up. well, we managed to get napoleon back in, but deb took a flying leap & landed in the dog food bag....where she was quite happy to stay because, loe & behold, she likes dog food. hilarious.

isn't she cute? anyway- we eventually got her into the cage and all was well again. but yeah- dog food? who knew!

what else you ask?
1. met brandon's best friend's new gf- she's cool & we have the same birthday. that = a keep in my book!
2. got some planting supplies for my litte plants & trees- i love my green thumb
3. had brunch with my bff piper who i've missed dearly- that was nice
4. made a buttload of cookies on sunday & ate way to many- hello gym
5. got bit by a daddy long legs- not even lying- it was like a pinch- ugh, how gross

and that's about it- not much else to report- it's back to the daily grind of working for the man- boo-ya!
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Mary said...

How adorable!!! She'd probably have to eat for years to get through that!

Blogger said...

OMG Tbird!! That little one IS just too cute!!!

I think that you are crazy for having predator and prey in the same house! LOL!!


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