Saturday, June 14, 2008

oh my my my!

so this was the scene on our front yard this morning- my sweet gary catching a poor, helpless, baby bird.

i was inside & all of a sudden brandon was yelling for me to come outside- and what was i greeted with?! this!!! a poor baby bird struggling in gary's mouth!!! :(

fortunately he hadn't hurt it, just kind of stunned it. so when he let it go it started hopping away- he lunged at it again but brandon caught him mid- jump. maceo was also outside though, so i had to race after her and keep her from mauling the poor thing. so as we're trying to get the cats back in, max decides to run out and investigate- he totally tried to start playing with the bird. it was pretty funny- but by now the bird's parents were flying around chirping in protest and dive-bombing poor max.

so finally we got everyone inside & the mommy took the baby bird away- it was kind of hopping, trying to fly, and the mom was keeping close eye on it & trying to teach it how- it was ADORABLE! i watched them make their way into some bushes and the baby seemed perfectly fine- so i'm happy :)

and that's that!!! what a morning!!!
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True Companions Plus One? said...

Nice score on the glasses and those chocolates look so good! My kitty also likes to catch things when he's outside - birds, squirrels, you name it. Thankfully your bird was ok - many of Riley's have not! ;-)