Monday, September 13, 2010

weekend in review

this weekend:

Sat: our nephew/cousin was born (the husband's brother's 1st kid)
we visited, we held, we rocked, we freaked (omg, babies are really that small?!) etc etc
alex "liked" the baby- but doesn't "get him"- so we'll see where she's at in another 3 months.

Sun: football season has begun. so that = 6+ hours of the tv tuned to NFL RedZone and God knows what else. it also = 6+ hours of the husband glued to his many fantasy football team webpages. incredibly boring.

so sunday in the AM = errands. and sunday in the PM = go go go for me & relax & watch football for the husband.

hmmm, doesn't seem fair. he did keep alex entertained at some points, but when she turns on the "mamamamamama" and the clingy, crawly, whiney- etc, it's all me. and during this time i had to cook & bake & clean & do laundry & blah blah blah.

even when she went down for a blissfully long nap- there was no rest. i wanted nothing more than to throw myself on the couch & zone out, but lasagna, freezer burritos & cookies don't make themselves. and the laundry fairy isn't real.

the husband always says: "oh you could just sit down & relax you know. you don't have to do all that stuff."

really? well if i don't do it, then who, pray tell, is going to? you husband? i think not. so whatever.

despite my annoyance at my lack of relaxation on a sunday, i was pleased with myself for getting so much done. i made meals for us & meals for the above ment. new parents (cooking after the baby just sucks)

and alex was a joy- minimal fussing & generally in a good mood. and even though she always wants to be picked up at the most inopportune moments (hello, rolling a burrito here) the feeling of her clinging to my legs is the best.

so hands down- it was a fabulous weekend. fall weather (finally), family, friends, food, football (uuuh). it was rainy- but i'm ok with that.

and i took pictures of course- but not nearly as many as i would have liked.


as you can see, despite living in NE we are not Pats fans. in fact, the Pats piss my husband off more than anything. he's a 49ers fan- and i guess alex is too now.

and since i never have any pictures of alex & myself, i asked the husband to take a few. this is what he got:


really? this is it?! i had to delete the other ones he took- i mean, they were worse than horrible. i have no idea why he is so camera challenged. but he tried. bless him.

at least alex is cute:


she's LOVES the car carts at BJ's (and any store for that matter) when it's time to get out- she fights it. oh how she fights.

and this was saturday when we arrived at the hospital to visit the newest baby bird:


she was so out. like completely OUT. nothing would wake her. so we sat in the car for another 30min or so to allow the princess to sleep. i wish i could sleep like that.

and lastly- alex eating:


obviously this is at the very start of her meal- within 5 minutes she's a hot mess. the fact that blueberries are her ABSOLUTE FAVORITE don't help. they must be had at every meal and we all know what blueberries do. eh.

and there you have it- another weekend with us.
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D said...

My hubs is so the same way when it comes to football season. The tv was on all day Saturday and Sunday, plus he's constantly checking his computer for fantasy fb stuff! And its only week 1!!!! Lord help us! lol

Carol said...

Loving her in her football jersey! We have jerseys for our girls too - we Chargers fans in my house! I like the pic of you, Alex, and Bumpy together! If my hubs would OFFER to take pics more often maybe they would turn out better, but I'm always forcing him and they area usually Blah.

E_Sharp said...

I can't believe how productive you are on the weekends. I haven't had the energy to do a goshdarned thing since the 1st tri.
Can I please have some of your discipline/energy?

Bekah said...

a few things...

1. the pic of you is Cute! Your belly is adorable!

2. my husband is ALSO a 49ers fan, so yeah...Sunday...looong day of football.

3. oooh i cant even imagine blueberries! jack loves watermelon which is bad enough for staining

Jess said...

Alex looks fabulous in that jersey. And hey, it's better to have her enjoying those car carts and wanting to stay IN than furiously trying to launch herself OUT of them... I've dealt with that one. Yikes.
And, really, you should try to talk her into some OTHER kind of berries.

Ashley Sisk said...

She's look very sassy in her football jersey. I love the photos. Your husband looks super excited that it's football season. My husband is just as excited.

Mrs.F said...

LOL at your hubby's excellent photo skills ;) Y'all look gorgeous.

What kind of plate are you using with Alex? Is it one of those suction ones? Gianna still isn't too happy with using plates... she likes to toss them on the floor rather than have her food on one.