Thursday, September 16, 2010


my child had cool ranch doritos for dinner last night.

...and some strawberries, bananas and a handful of blueberries.

i do feel incredibly guilty- because it's my fault for eating them in front of her & then offering her one. and then another. and another.

finally, i came to my senses & decided that she'd had quite enough. i cleaned her up & put her down to play while i went back to the kitchen with every intention on putting away the bag of devil chips.

every intention. i swear.

well let's just say that the only person who ate a well balanced dinner last night was the husband- because i was too full (and queasy) after my doritos binge fest.

disclaimer: i'm not a horrible mother. she only had like 3 full chips. honest.
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Emily said...

I am guilty of a cheese curl and yogurt dinner. It only happened once and he loved it!

Jess said...

This made me smile :)
Don't worry, we all know you're a good mother. We won't hold it against you!

Eliza said...

Eh, we always try to give Teva healthy foods....but sometimes all she wants to eat is some Lil Crunchies. I figure, there will surely be a time when she goes through a phase where she only will eat foods that are white (or some crazy shiz like that, and then consume mass quantities of string cheese)'s ok! Plus, we are all powerless agianst the siren song of Cool Ranch Doritos.

Desi said...

oh how I loved cool ranch doritos when I was pregnant. mmmm, that may be why I haven't eaten them since. I am guilty of sharing some treats with Liv...she is relentless.

Carol said...

My purely organic baby for the first 15 months of her life, is now hooked on Cheetos. I die. Big, puffy, orange cheetos, and it's hell trying to take them from her. She only eats 3 or 4 at a sitting, but I still cringe.