Friday, September 10, 2010

it's close- but not yet

last friday + 6 days = 27 weeks which = still in the 2nd trimester which = 28 weeks - 6 days = not the 3rd trimester which = baby not coming soon which = that's quite alright with me.


but wait.

27 weeks + 6 days = next week which = 28 weeks which = 3rd trimester which = baby coming soon which = omg, baby?! coming soon?!


see? math sucks- and it can freak you out. so they should stop with all this "math is important" crap. because math is like the worst thing ever...

...besides spiders & exorcism movies. dear God.
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D said...

Is it okay that I'm confused? You are hilarious... and seriously, can you really be that close to the 3rd tri already???

Rebekah said...

bahaha! While reading, I picture you talking so fast and flailing your hands around at incredible speed!!

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

aww! Baby will be here before you know it!! = )

Bekah said...

haha to me though, the third tri felt like forever! so...maybe it feel seem like a while? i dont know

Jess said...

Seriously, I hate math and you confused the heck out of me.
It must be crazy to think that you'll soon be the mother of TWO DAUGHTERS. Any name ideas for the new little one, or are you keeping it a secret? :)

Emily said...

Yup math is dreadful...especially when it involves timeframes! :)

Rinny said...

still 3 months to go. and by that time you will be filled to the brim with mama hormones and you will be so ready for your little one.

But yes I agree maths is so overrated.