Tuesday, September 7, 2010

back to reality

after 4 days of no work or worries- it's back to the real world.
and the real world = work. meh.

however, because dwelling on real life is quasi boring- i'll entertain you with pictures from the fun times that were had this past long weekend.

on friday alex had a play date. she literally had so much fun she couldn't function. she has this obsession with babies & kids. it's like she doesn't realize that she herself is one of them- she stares at them in awe like, "wow, you're a baby! amazing!"

so friday we spent the first part of our day playing with an old co-worker's kids:


i'd like to mention how alex's friend is younger than her- and far larger. my child is some sort of a shrimp. i swear we feed her.


i had no idea my kid could climb stairs like this. we don't have stairs that she has access to- so when she saw these ones she was all about them. and up them in about 30 seconds. i was impressed and she was quite pleased with herself.

saturday turned out to be beautiful- so we loaded up the jeep with ourselves & the dogs & headed up to where the in laws were camping. it was around a 2 hour trip & thanfully alex decided to nap.

she woke up about 20 minutes before we got there so she was ready & willing to GET OUT!
she had a blast in front of the fire (which she kept dancing too) & thought sitting in her little camping chair was the best thing ever:


"talking" on the phone is her new favorite thing to do. and EVERYTHING with buttons = phone. she also texts- it's freaking hilarious. and she holds it up to her ear and says "aaeeeiiooo!" which i assume = "hello" in her language.


thank God for grandma. she makes all things better.

then it was time to swing- OMG!


i'm suprised she let us take her away from it. we so need a swing at home.

then we ate lunch & sat around trying to see if she'd nap- no go.


however she decided that sharing her cookie was the next best thing. putting a soggy cookie in my mouth doesn't phase me- but the husband just couldn't do it. "but it's SOGGY!"

then we took a LONG walk down to the river:


and what do you know...


that did the trick. so we packed up & headed home.

sunday & monday consisted of a few errands & hanging out. we went to lunch on sunday & alex got to play with crayons for the first time. she was pretty stoked- until we took them away because she insisted on trying to eat them. eh.

and lastly- on monday morning i happened to look out the window & noticed this:


i see turkeys all the time- but never close enough for alex to see them. so i brought her to the slider & she wasn't sure what to make of them. she kept pointing & yelling.
the dogs were none to pleased at the intrusion & the cats "stalked" them for like 10 minutes.

so all in all- good times. i realized last night that i never got a picture of alex & myself- even though i DID ask the husband to take one. i think that's the thing that bugs me the most- i'm always the one taking pictures, so pictures of her & i are pretty rare. suck.

and now it's on to party planning mode- we got the invites in the mail & a few RSVP's already- so it's time to plan. and bake. and figure out seating- and etc etc. and this isn't even a big party. how do people do it?!
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Bekah said...

gasp! Is she wearing jelly shoes??? Oh heavens I love her footwear

Jess said...

I love those baby leggings- they look like a miniature, cuter version of the ones I'm wearing.
She's going to be THRILLED when the little one gets here. That is, once she gets over the fact that she has the share the camera.

Carol said...

Those orange jellies are to die for! So cute! I'm always behind the camera too, at least you've figured out your timer and have a few pics of you Alex & the bump together, I must learn how to do that soon or my kids will grow up and wonder if mommy was ever around!

Carol said...

Those orange jellies are to die for! So cute! I'm always behind the camera too, at least you've figured out your timer and have a few pics of you Alex & the bump together, I must learn how to do that soon or my kids will grow up and wonder if mommy was ever around!

jill said...

i love all those pictures! i grew up on a small island in the columbia river and we had wild turkeys in our yard sometimes too! i love alex's little chair! and those swing pics! and that little tiny pony tail on the top of her head! we dont have stairs here either and i was surprised how quick corbin picked up crawling up them at his grandparents house recently! smart little babies!

Emily said...

Seriously, your daughter is beautiful. Amazingly so. And I always get ripped on getting pics with my son! I'm always taking them!

kk @ the mom diggity said...

Looks like a blast! Her little chair is amazing...I've got to get one! It's so funny how they can have a million toys and always want your phone. Guess I need to get a little plastic phone so my munchkin can text me :)

Lori said...

Your picures are adorable! Your little girl is GORGEOUS.

I'm your newest follower ... quickly trying to catch up on your older posts!


jenn said...

beautiful....just like always! i love the orange jellies! ahhhh, the memories! and alex looks too sweet sleeping on her daddys shoulder!