Friday, September 17, 2010

28 weeks & 11 months

so here we are- in all our glory @ 5:45 in the AM:


she was weirdly excited about max getting in on the picture action


as i look at these i feel very large- in the belly area that is. like seriously- how much bigger can i get? how much farther can i stick out? where will it all go?!

even my mother commented on the belly size (and my mother is awesome & never comments on things she shouldn't)
she asked if baby#2 was bigger than alex because she remembers me being closer to this size @ the end. oy.

at least my ass & thighs are smaller this time. for now.

i'm still not wearing anything maternity- but i think that's going to end soon. the pants i have on are the ones that i fit into a few weeks after alex until i had to buy smaller. they're comfortable for now but i'm not sure how long it'll last.

and i think i'll need longer shirts- no way around it. i'm being somewhat of a tightwad & i really don't want to spend money on anything new (clothing wise) but i'm going to have to pick up something...because going naked isn't an option. meh.

in other news: next week is D-Day. well more like B-Day!!! i can't believe my child is going to be 1. i hover between excitement & horror at the thought.

has it already been 1 year? 1 year since she i saw her for the very first time? and counted all her fingers & toes? and marveled at her hair? and looked into shockingly BLUE eyes? God! no words.

well it's friday. and fall is here. and i'm counting the hours until the weekend. and i'm assuming you are as well- happy happy!
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Bekah said...

I love the belly pics with Alex...LOVE IT! You look great, Im pretty sure my rear did not look that good at any point in the third tri!

Beckie said...

You look fabulous esp for baby # 2!! Keep up the good work and congrats :)

Elizabeth said...

you look like you're all belly :) i think you look great! and happy 11 months to Alex!

Tabitha said...


CLML said...

STFU - she's going to be one soon?! OMG, she's getting so big so super fast. And getting cuter by the day! And you my dear look fabulous!!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

I can't believe she's almost one!! Craziness.

I think your belly is awesome, and somehow, you managed to keep the rest of yourself all nice and svelt... that's always a good thing to be all belly! You look great!

Ana B said...

Love the photos, and your little one is adorable!

Desi said...

your belly is so cute! You are definitley all belly.

Emily said...

You look wonderful and Alex is precious. Amazing how fast a year flies by when you are raising a child!

Carol said...

You look amazing! You have the cutest bump ever! I can't believe how fast time is going...Alex is almost a year, baby is coming in a few months!

Anonymous said...

Your bump is perfect looking!!