Monday, September 20, 2010

5 more days

only 5 more days until my kid is 1. 5 days is a long time. practically an eternity- so i'm not going to think about it. ok? ok.

let's focus on other things- like how cute she is right now. at ONLY 11 months. not 12 months. not 1 year. 11 months. still a baby.

this weekend was full up for miss alex. all day saturday = running around & picking up party stuff. literally- all day. the husband got out of bed at 10am (must be nice, right?) and we were out the door by 11:30. and we didn't get home until 7:30pm. like i said, full up.

and guess what? we weren't even done. we still needed to hit up Wal Mart for extras. so sunday = more full up. until 11. then we had to be home because it was D-Day for the chickens. that means the husband's brother finally came over & finished up the wiring & now my house is officially chicken free. thank God. because they smell. bad.

but that also meant the newest member of the bird family (alex's cousin) was also in attendance. i am proud to say that alex only smack him on the head once! she was very gentle 99% of the time. but she wasn't all that interested either. playing in the laundry basket = way more awesome than new baby.
so sunday was full of chickens, family, food & football. ...and alex's new obsession with climbing into the laundry basket. and chips. this kid loves tortilla chips.


and now that she no longer really fits into her jumper- she is super interested in it:


money well spent as you can see.

and this weekend was also a win because of a few other things:

1. i've finally found a sippy cup that my kid will drink from! hooray.
- it's got a straw thingy & she's obsessed with it. she's also obsessed with sucking up way too much & then spitting it out. which = 5 outfit changes yesterday. we'll have to work on that one.


2. we bought alex her first pair of "real" shoes. PediPed = awesome.

PediPed Isabella Sheepskin

- i was suprised i went with pink. but she IS a girl & they didn't have brown. so..yeah. plus, they're soft soled & she loves them. she'll be walking on her own within the next few weeks (i'm positive) so it'll be nice for her to have something on her little feet. and then i can pull out the big guns & order some hard soled ones that i love....that are also way too much money so i shouldn't. but yeah.

so there you go. weekend in review. and i'll leave you with the following picture of what happens to you NOT YET 1 YEAR OLD when she is completely & utterly exhausted from her "full up" weekend:


6:15pm sunday. goodnight.

...ignore my ridiculous boobs. it's not my fault!
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Aly said...

Sweet Alex. And those boobs? Epic.

Tabitha said...

That is the most adorable picture ever!!

CLML said...

Aw- what a sweet picture of the 2 of you. And BTW - we use those sippies too! Unfortunately all the baby stores around here don't carry them anymore - so I ordered extra from Amazon for cheap. Just FYI :)

Eliza said...

Sister, I feel ya. Teva's b-day is less than two weeks away and if I contemplate it to long I start to get all weepy and freaked out. I can't believe how fast this year has gone. I guess time flies when you're having fun!

PS Alex's hair cracks me up! IT so cute!

PPS Darling picture!

Mrs.F said...

Gianna loves straws. And that picture of you two? So gorgeous... you make me want to be pregnant again!

Emily said...

Boobs? What boobs? ;) That last pic is precious! Enjoy your last 5 days with your 'baby'!

Desi said...

I didn't even notice your boobs in the last picture ;). Liv had pedi peds given to her when she was a newborn...I loved them, but she has outgrown them months ago and I want to get her another pair now that she's a walker.

susanc07 said...

OMG - you made me feel like less of a pervert b/c that's the first thing I noticed. ( o )( o )

:) you're both adorable.

Carol said...

That last picture is so sweet! I love it when the littles just pass out where ever they are at the time.

We are pediped die-hards! My littlest one loves hers and would always choose that shoe over other shoes! Not to mention, that they are all so flippin cute!

Tales of a young mamma said...

Hi I'm a new follower of your blog- Loove it. And your daughter is freakin adorable! Do you know yet what you are having? When is your due date? I will be back :)

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Coming over from Jessicas blog. Alex is so stinking cute! And congrats on the new little girl. Im envious of your kids being so close together!