Thursday, January 7, 2010


so after watching a couple red, dry spots come & go from my child, i decided to drag her to the pedi. i had a sneaking suspicion that these dry patches weren't simply from a lack of lotion (because God knows the child hates it when i try to lather her up- for real, just like her father) but something more ominous...dun dun dun. could it be...eczema?!

hmm, so the pedi checked her out & confirmed my suspicions- eczema it is! thankfully it's a very mild case (literally about 3-4 small spots- but the main one being right on her forehead- my poor cyclops) that should clear up soon. she also suggested that i stop using Johnson & Johnson because my child has the most sensitive skin ever it seems. she suggested Aveeno- now we tried Aveeno when alex had her first bath & she broke out with a rash. but that Aveeno was lightly scented (tsk tsk) so a fragrance free soap is what i need!

so after work i picked her up & headed over to Target to pick up our steroid prescription (for her eczema) & some Aveeno. THAT'S IT!

what do you know? $58 dollars & 1 hour later i emerge with those two things, plus a bunch of other crap i don't need (like Twizzlers & Little Debbie's cakes)- i hate you Target. but i did score some super cute Dell Studios clothing (they were on clearance!) and the most adorable nightlight. seriously:

are you kidding me?! a must have in our house.
so yeah- then we headed home (much later than usual)- she ate, was bathed, slathered in Aveeno Creamy Lotion (much to her dismay), smeared with her steroid ointment, kissed & snuggled and tucked into bed. sounds like a good night to me.
anyway- then i proceded to do what i do in a zombie state (i'm tired people) and fall into bed. then the husband proceded to do what he does & beg for maritals- well since it's been awhile (actually it's only been 2 weeks but to men that's like 15 years) i gave in.
and surprise surprise- it was fine. i didn't even need to lube up (so i thought)- so as i skipped into the bathroom, with thoughts of tossing out the KY, and sat down to pee...i almost shot off the toilet. um- wtf?! pee burns!!!! my vag felt like i had rubbed it with sandpaper & then poured alcohol on it. like seriously- worse than after i had alex. so as i sat there with a cold wipe held to the lady parts, letting urine trickle through my fingers & snot drip onto my leg- i realized that next time i will embrace the lube. because while the initial "doin it" might be fine- the aftermath is hell.
lesson learned.
then i crawled into bed & glared at my happily sleeping, sex sated husband and fell asleep dreaming of ways make him feel the pain that i felt. luckily for him, i couldn't think of any.
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Jessica said...

Poor Alex with her eczema! I, too, hate Target (except that I adore it) for making me spend money every single time that I do not intend to spend.

I am sorry your sexy time turned into burning pee time. That sucks!

And I LURVE this song! Good choice!

Mitzi G.!! said...

I see Target sucks you in the same way it does me....damn them!! Brayden has a few spots like that too & this weather isn't helping them, but thankfully lathering him up up cetaphil lotion has kept it under control!

pmarie33 said...

We love Aveeno. Men suck.

kate said...

We use Aveeno in this house too. And I JUST got that night light for Bridget last week. I thought of you when I got it too. :) So glad that you found it.

FaithJoy said...

LOL goooshhhh that baby did a number on the "lady" pray for meeeeeee lol

Leigh said...

ouch! sounds so sore

I'm dying to hear how your work is going....was it hard going back, where does Alex stay during the day, etc, etc.

ajvann said...

Lol, you are hilarious. I hear you with the pain fun at all. Hang in there :-)