Wednesday, January 20, 2010

breastfeeding (or a lack there of)

per a request- i was going to type up a long entry about how alex refuses to breastfeed.

well what do you know? last night i offered her the boob, just to see if she had any interest, and she happily accepted it & drank her fill without any fussing.

what?! who is this baby??? she's definately not my kid! my kid SCREECHES at the site of the boob- in fact, all i'd have to do is un-hook my nursing bra tank & her head would whip around excorcist style & she'd glare at me as if to say, "if you try to put that thing in my mouth, i will end you!"

so what is this sudden change of heart? after all- it's been a month since she's last latched on. is it a fluke? was she too tired to fight? hmmm- do i dare try it again tonight???

i think i shall! maybe she misses it as much as i do. that must be it, right?

so, last night i sat there. breastfeeding my child, stroking her lovely hair & talking to her about everything in the world. it was a wonderful moment, which i cherished....until she bit me. HARD! wtf?! you LITTLE!!! that's it- you're CUT OFF! as i shrieked and desperately tried to break her latch, she had the gall to look up at me & smile. smile BIG - and then, laugh. LAUGH HARD!
evil child.

but anyway- we'll see.

but i wanted to type it out anyway:

about a month ago alex started fighting me tooth & nail when i tried to breastfeed her. her eyes, that used to light up at the site of my nursing tank coming un-done, now looked, frankly, pissed off. but the bottle- oh boy- her best friend! she'd see it coming & squeal with anticipation.
why?! it's the same stuff! what's the problem!
i tried different positions, i tried switching from bottle to nip (on the sly)- everything- but no go. she just wasn't having it. so instead of fighting with her, i decided to let her have what she wanted. the bottle. i started pumping exclusively & honestly, we were all much happier.

she could happily eat, my nips were safe from her teething frenzy & the husband could watch the 49ers lose in peace (haha)

not to say i didn't miss it- there's just something about having your child depend SOLEY on you for food that makes your heart swell- but her happiness was far more important than my "needs"

so that's what we've been doing. momma pumps & baby eats from a bottle. no biggie.
and most likely that's still how it will be 95% of the time. i'm going to try to get her to latch again tonight- but if she doesn't want to then she doesn't have to.

i'll just continue to warm up her bottles (she's freaking picky) and make sure she eats one way or another. such is life :)
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Team Scienski said...

I just typed out this huge response and then mozilla crashed! GAAAH.

I'll summarize: boob milk takes more work to get out than bottle milk. Most babies can switch easily between boob and breast unless they're frustrated that they have to work so hard!

Sometimes bottle nipples with tinier holes are a good solution.

Not wincing when she bites is hard, but if you amuse her she'll keep biting! If you're really into continuing breastfeeding, calmly break the latch every time she chomps and try again.

Aw man, I'd made a really funny milkshakes bringing all the babies to the yard joke too. Oh well..

My open roads said...

ayyyay, what a little monkey! :) I know, once the teeth come in, it really hurts to get bitten too! My son still nurses good, but he gets distracted with any noice, even when the tv is on and it's a little louder, he'll turn his head away and focus on what's going on there. Life of a mom, eh? :)

Serendipite said...

What an evil little brat! How dare she bite you! LOL though