Monday, January 18, 2010

"natural" bottle warmer

as we headed out the door to Ikea this weekend, i realized that my mother still had our portable bottle warmer ::shakes fist::

i was a little worried because alex pretty much turns her nose up @ cold milk & since she refuses to breastfeed anymore, all i would have in my possession was cold milk. hmmm, what to do?
i surmised that i would figure it out when the time came.

so, the time came (or it was going to come in about 30 min- ie: she'd be hungry) and we didn't have access to any hot water whilst dithering around at Ikea- so what did i do? i took the bottle:

...and after looking at it for about 20 seconds, i put it between my breasts. yep- tucked it right under my shirt, all warm & snuggly into my boobies. i mean, you couldn't even tell it was in there- it was perfect.
and what do you know? 15 min later when i pulled it out- warm as could be. PERFECT! she drank it right up w/o any complaints. i was giddy with joy. look at me! not only am i a mom, but i'm also a bottle warmer!!!
if this doesn't catapult me to SUPERMOM status then i don't know what does! OMG! GO ME!
the husband and my friend (amanda) made sure to compliment me on my amazing abilities, but i don't think they were quite as excited as i was. but that's ok.
seriously- it worked like a dream. so if you're ever out & about with a cold bottle & a hungry baby (to be)- use your boobs.
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Nikki1007 said...

That is awesome! YOu are a genius.

Mitzi G.!! said...

way to put your thinking cap on; that's great!!

Leigh said...

you rock! only thing is my b**bs are too small so good thing my babies drink room temp bottles.

So when did you stop bfeeding? tell us more :)

shawnandlarissa said...

:::taking notes:::

Our little one is the same way. Won't take the boob anymore and refuses to drink a bottle that isn't the perfect temperature

PeasOut said...

Probably (well, obviously) too late now. But just for future trips to Ikea, they have bottle warmers in the cafeteria. :)

Your way was ingenius though! I love it!