Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Q&A and oldskool pics

TWO NEW THINGS! i need to "spice" things up- so here you go:

#1. Q&A
ask me ANYTHING & i will do my best to answer every question with brutal honesty. you can ask under your blogger name or Anonymously- makes no diff. as long as you're not asking for my SS# & bank routing number- i'll answer.

today is Wed Jan 27th- so you have until Tues Feb 2nd to get your questions in! i will then post a blog between Wed-Fri answering your questions. FUN!

#2. OldSkool Pics
so i've decided to show you the "old me"- that's right- we're talking circa 1998, 2000, 2001 & so on. everyone like to see old photos- even of complete strangers- so i'm going to deliver.
once a week i'll post a bunch of oldskool pics of myself & let you know where & when.
feel free to gawk & lol. seriously- i was weird.

OldSkool Pics Edition#1:

where: Mongolia
when: summer of 98'
- i was 14 & on a mission trip with Teen Missions Intl. i went around the world (Germany, Russia, Mongolia, China, Taiwan, Phillipines, Hong Kong- etc) and told people about Jesus. it was one of the best summers of my life.
please notice how much i look like a boy. my mother made me chop all my hair off because showers weren't a sure thing in other countries. good times.

where: church office (NH)
when: 1999
-i was 16 & very intent on being a hippy. i lived & breathed Birkenstocks, tye dye & drug rugs. i listened to the Beatles & bummed cloves off of friends from work. i was it. for real.

where: Nyack College- Nyack, NY
when: 2000-2001
-i was 17 & fresh off the homeschooled train. i transformed from a hippy- to a preppy- to an emo kid- to a punk rocker & ended the schoolyear as an "i'm better than you'll ever be" indie kid
this was the year that changed my life. i met people, kissed a boy, wore a thong, straightened my hair, put on makeup, dyed my hair, discovered Abercrombie & Fitch, found the internet, realized that i loved punk rock shows, made lifelong friends, learned how to be an adult & so many other countless things
by far, the best & worst year of my life.
i lived with 5 other girls in the married student housing appts. this meant we had access to boys ::GASP:: when everyone else on campus was on lockdown. we scored said appts by enrolling at the very last minute. it ended up being a big win for us.
that year went by so fast- and the only person that i still keep in contact with is miss Amanda (crazy, blond hair girl)
she's one of my best friends & i have to say she had a big part in making me who i am today.

and that concludes OP's Edition#1. stay tuned for more fun times next week.
and don't forget to ask me questions. ASK ASK ASK! i will answer.
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Blair said...

LOVE the pictures!

For Kid #2 & Co, will they start right back at IVF or will you be back at the start line for less invasive/expensive procedures? Or (& I should know this) do you have embies frozen, ready for transfer? How many will you transfer?

beckie1212 said...

What is the most challenging thing about being a mom?

Anonymous said...

this isn't a question but I can't believe you went to Nyack! I went to Simpson. Most people I know have never heard of the CMA.

Anne said...

Nice pics! Are you going to make your kid into a world traveler as well?

Mari said...

I love love love the new features! I always enjoy reading your blog, and getting a bit more is fun.

My questions...

1. You mentioned being homeschooled... I have always been curious about homeschooling after several experiences. I hope that you can answer these, feel free not to, though, I'm JUST curious?!
-Were you homeschooled all through school?
-Do you feel your parents had a hard time keeping a balance between home and school?
-Were you involved in outside activities growing up?
-How do you feel about home schooling in general, positive? negative? neutral?
-What were the most important benefits and the downsides to it?

2. (I'm in love with your home!)What is your favorite and least favorite part of living in a log cabin?

3. If it were up to you, how many children would you have?

4. Who is your favorite Puertorrican internet friend? (kidding, kidding)

5. What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

6. What was the most surprising thing about becoming a mom?

Hmmm... that's it for now.

I love the pictures!!!