Tuesday, January 19, 2010


so this weekened Manda finally managed to make it down to NH (yay!) so on saturday we trucked out to Ikea. woot!

good times were had by all. we found deals, nifty things, ate awesome food & all that jazz.

however there was one heart stopping moment- right after lunch as we headed towards the elevators, miss manda dropped my D90 (ie: my 2nd baby) right onto Ikea's lovely concrete floor. i literally felt my heart stop as i watched plastic pieces scatter across the floor. the look of horror on manda & my husband's face was proably only 1/10th of the horror on mine. omg- my camera.

poor manda- she apologized profusely as she started gathering up pieces. i shushed her of course, after all- it wasn't even her fault. the straps on my Nikon are faulty & i hadn't noticed her holding the camera by them alone.

the husband fished the last piece out from under some carts & as we assessed the damage my spirits lifted. what do you know?! my baby was fine! the only casualty was the plastic piece that covers the view screen & that is easily replacable. everything else popped back into place & there wasn't even a scratch to be found. i took some shots & everything seems pretty ok. i was obviously relieved- but i think my husband was even more so. he's the one that threw down mad $$$ for my baby & if it was broken...eek.

whew. dodged a bullet there. however, i'm going to get a better strap & possibly have a camera guy check the body/lense over- just to make 100% sure. i'll also need to order another view screen cover- but it could have been much worse.

anywho! here are some fab pics of our day. i'm pretty pleased with how they came out (after some Lightroom editing) i'm very muchly trying to get the hang of this camera thing...

manda & alex

alex trying some lingonberry- it may not look like it, but she was a big fan.

princess cake- eh.

chocolate cake- omg!

alex & daddy!

and because they're too presh not to share:

alex's new slippers. ZOMG! aren't they the most adorable things ever?! thank you oh mighty consignment store! they are so soft & fluffy ::squeee::

my only qualm- i'm 99% sure that's real rabbit fur. yikes- sorry little bunny :(
but they were only $3.75- how could i pass them up? she'll be able to wear them in the fall. i literally cannot wait!
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Katie said...

Hey t, It's lemon.

Love all the pictures, Alex is getting so big so fast!

I have a quick question, what do you use to watermark your pictures? I like how it is small yet stylish! (lemon.miles@gmail.com) Thanks!

Charity said...

Omg dont u just lheart Ikea?! Cute Cute Cute Pics, Alex is too modelishous, haha! Please do a baby must have blog and maybe a blog on how cloth diapering/ washing is going and your routine :)


Kat @ www.TodaysCliche.com said...

Love your blog. I'll be back for sure. Our blogs are semi-similar; I'd love your feedback about mine, if you have a sec!
www.TodaysCliche.com. Thanks!!