Monday, October 3, 2011

alex's 2nd birthday & other things

first though- a then & now

last year:


this year:


as you can see i had to fight with alex in order to get a picture.

"alex, smile! look at daddy!"

damnit kid. make a note that it was dark, raining, the light inside the tent was broken & the stupid cow was empty (last year we got to "milk" it)- not ideal picture taking conditions.

never the less- we managed to capture the 3 of us in frame & that works for me.

another Deerfield Fair come & gone. good riddance.

time to backtrack- alex's 2nd birthday. i didn't get a ton of pictures because i was trying to actually be part of her party- but i snagged a few for memory sake:

the theme was Charlotte's Web- but that sort of morphed into a Farm/Fair theme. meh. we had a tent & fair food & hay bales & farm animals (well, chickens) & that'll do pig.

the tent: (last minute rental thanks to the rain)

the food:

(pre filled mason jars = genius)


the setups (s):

(the cotton candy machine was a big hit)

the birthday girl (& friends):

(these were literally the most flattering pictures i got of her all day- she was a hot mess)

DSC_0060 copy

(internet friend meeting = yay!)

and there you go. thankfully it didn't actually rain at all during the party- but the tent was still nice to have. and no need for chairs if you've got hay bales- those worked out perfectly.
simple food & drink & coloring books & stickers for the kids.

it was pretty low key & we had around 25-30ish people. the actual party ran from 11-2 & that was a good amount of time for little girls who skipped naps.

but afterwards i decided that alex & brynn each get a 1 & 2 year party- then that's it. no more parties until 1st grade (or somewhere in that age range)- even small parties = exhaustion.

lastly- i had a photoshoot this weekend with someone who reads my blog (remember when i was offering free sessions? people took me up on that- woot.)
when she opened the door & i introduced myself she said, "I feel like I already know you from reading your blog!"

oh snap. i was feeling pretty good about that until i managed to drop my camera bag & appear somewhat insane when i couldn't stop babbling about God knows what.
but she didn't kick me out of her house- so i took that as a good sign.

she introduced me to her angelic children (seriously- they were like perfection) & i filled my camera's memory card within 2 hours.

as i was leaving i said something to the effect of "I'd love to say we should hang out but I'm not sure when that's going to happen..."

as soon as i said it i realized how rude i sounded. it's not that i didn't think she was worthy of hanging out with (in fact, that is the very opposite of what i was thinking) it was more so, "i think you're super & i'd love to hang out & i'd love to say i'll call you but i literally have no time to do anything ever!"

i quickly started babbling again, trying to explain this- but i think she understood what i was, horribly, trying to say & very kindly invited me to her daughter's 2nd birthday party.

whew. ok- unitentional offending averted.
she gave me a hug (i was pretty sweaty from taking pictures- so S, if you're reading this, i'm not usually that sweaty. i swear.) a bottle of wine & sent me on my way.

this just proves that i might sound pretty kick ass online (right?) but i can be awkward. painfully awkward- until you get to know me. then you'll be like- "holy crap! she's so kick ass in real life!!!"

i put up a sneak peak on my FB page (which you're totally allowed to go & "Like" by the way) & i'm excited to finish editing & get her session up on my website.

...right- and also as i was leaving she kindly reminded me that i promised to put up pictures of alex's big girl room & i never did.

for shame. she's right. so i need to do that.
i'm going to take pictures this week- i promise. pretty promise.
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Sara said...

I have been looking for Ball mason jars with handles FOREVER and all I can find are the ones that say "county fair drinking jar" on them. Please, PLEASE share where you got them and don't worry if it is local because I am from MA!

Lea said...

Love the comparison pics with inside and outside Brynn. All three of you are stunning!
The party looks like it was so much fun!
Love the pics with Liza, Donovan and Luke! <3

Mitzi G. said...

I love the party set up & everything else too!

Sarah-Anne said...

wow, what a change in both of you! :) so glad her party went well & that your photog business is booming :D

Beckie said...

Ditto on the mason jars! Where did you find them? I am from MA also. Great party, cute ideas.

t.bird said...

gracias ladies!

Mason Jars- Amazon!!!
the best deal are these ones:

it's a box of 12 for $14.99 + $12 for shipping- so worth it! i got them within 2 days :)

Jennifer said...

I loved the pre-made mason jar drinks too. Very cute! Happy Birthday, Alex.