Friday, October 7, 2011

flashback friday

alex a year ago:


brynn a year ago:



and i didn't forget to take pictures of alex's room...but i did forget to upload them to my computer & all that jazz. but technically since i just promised to TAKE pictures (not SHARE them) i'm not a liar.

next week. along with some updated pictures of the girls- because i have been slacking hardcore.

now- those of you in New England- go thee & enjoy your weekend. outdoors.
there are rumors of 75-80 degree weather. in October. in New England.

this is crazy ass weather that needs to be embraced. because you KNOW in 3 weeks when it's 35 degrees outside you're going to start wishing from sping...and summer...and etc etc. so go. now.

and lastly- book recs. i need them. The Hunger Games? Harry Potter? tell me what i need to pick up- i need to get my book on.

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sherri said...

I resisted Harry Potter until last year and once I read them (have to hang in there past the second book) I was SO UPSET to finish the last one. I just didn't want to be done with Harry!

Sarah-Anne said...

wow, that is so cool to see the side-by-side comparision! and as for books, i'm on the hunt for some myself so i can't help ya there :(

Anonymous said...

The Vampire Academy= awesomeness! Huge series and very entertaining.

Amy said...

I LOVED The Hunger Games! Definitely read them! They are supposed to be coming out with the first movie in the spring too, I believe.

Phoenix said...

THE HUNGER GAMES!!! I read it last week and will start the second in the series (Catching Fire) on Monday.

t.bird said...

i already read the vampire one- ha. i am a teenager like that.

ok ladies- the hunger games it is!

Jess said...

Nuts. Absolutely nuts. I remember when you were pregnant like it was yesterday, and thinking... I'm not sure if I'd want my kids that close together.
And look where I am now... hah!