Monday, October 17, 2011

i'm back

i'm pretty sure you've all been wracking you're brains trying to figure out where i'd run off too. no blogging for an entire week?! so unlike her! where ever could she be?!


i say this assuming that everyone who reads this blog takes time during their day to wonder about my well being...right?

don't answer that.

word up. i'm ok. however i did spend the week doing the following:
- being sidelined with a nasty cold.
- being sidelined with my children who also had a nasty cold.
- being sidelined with the husband who also had a nasty cold.
(are you seeing a theme here?)
- battling a gnarly diaper rash (brynn).
- running around (ie: working) more than i anticipated.
- a late night trip to Urgent Care (for above diaper rash).
- up all night(s) with a 10 month old who was rejecting sleep.
- exhaustion.

you name it. i did it. it was a week that makes me tired just thinking about it. and i was tired- in real life. tired enough that i feel asleep at my desk on thursday.

fell. asleep. at. my. desk.

i woke up- looked around..and fell back asleep. i couldn't help it.
then i downed a Coke & willed myself to respond to the caffeine.

it sort of worked. but then all the tired came back when i picked up 2 little girls that were full of energy. dear God. what is up with children?! why are they so...awake? all. the. time.

i took them home. bathed them. bribed them with several popsicles & put them to bed.
"tomorrow night will be better." i said to myself.
"i'll get home. we'll play. we'll eat dinner. go to bed late...yay. fun stuff. i'm a cool mom."

nope. friday night = a trip to the Urgent Care for a diaper rash that wouldn't quit. poor brynn.
dx = yeast rash. hooray yeast. (did i mention we just dropped $600 taking the dogs to their yearly vet appts to also hear that they had yeasty ear infections? this is my glamorous life people.)

when i told the husband he was all like- "what's up with the yeast?!" good question. i have no idea. i'd say yeast can kiss my ass. but then i'd probably end up with my own yeast affliction...and i'd rather not.

thankfully the weekend was brighter. colds got better. bums looked better (after lots of airing out. which means a 10 month old walking around sans a diaper for most of the day. which means lots of pee puddles. and pee puddle splashing. and pee on my pants. and forgetting about the pee on my pants & wearing them to church the next day & sitting there wondering why i smell urine. looking around, side eyeing people, only to realize that it's me. i smell like urine...then looking around again & hoping that noone picks today to try & make friends with me...)

a photo shoot on saturday revived me. the weather was perfect & the kids were models.
i came home, put children to bed & waved farewell to the husband who was on his way out the door to attend a party.
i edited pictures for 2 hours & went to bed. in silence. it was glorious.

sunday = church, footballs, monkey bread, another diaperless baby day, happy children, naps- the works.

today i'm feeling better. still tired- but more human.
there was a highlight last week, The Hunger Games.

2 words. those books are kick ass.

i'm also bad at math. we've discussed this before.

but whatever. i picked up all 3 books & read them in 3 days. much like Twilight- i couldn't put them down & i found myself dreaming about them. they were my little nugget of happy.

but now i'm focused on this week.
- getting up pictures of alex's room
- finish editing pictures
- clean my house (or perhaps hire someone to do that)
- a birthday party on saturday (for the girls)
- other important things (adult stuff)
- a serious post??? yes. i'll try.

and etc etc.
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Bekah said...

ugh yeast. Its the worst! My boys are both prone to them...I dont know why. Luke is 10 days old and just now getting over his first...its rough.

Im glad Brynn is doing better, just a FYI if she gets one again, you might have done this already, but we have found that baby wipes (even the sensitive/natural ones) just make it worse for them. We use paper towels and water to clean them when they have a rash, and it helps our guys a ton (along with the medication, obvs.)

I just wanted to throw it out there in case that rash comes back!

Jess said...

Oh dear. Colds and diaper rashes are the WORST! :( Glad things are looking better now, though.
And I absolutely, positively, can not WAIT to see Alex's room!