Tuesday, September 27, 2011

today's PSA brought to you by...

Nerdy Shirts.com

in case you didn't know:

Nerdy shirts

things i like about this picture:

1. the stating of the obvious
2. the fact that i just inhaled 6 cookies isn't completely obvious...or is it?
3. that 3 people at work have already stopped- pointed at my boobs shirt & said, "oh i love that!"
4. that the awesome folks over @ Nerdy Shirts sent this to me ages ago & have been kind enough not to hate me for taking my sweet ass time to blog about how much i do (or even do not) love it- gracias NS!

sooo yes- if you're looking for a nerdy shirt for that nerdy person in your life (in my case- myself) then take a gander at what Nerdy Shirts has to offer.

i'm not usually a graphics t wearing kind of girl- but i love the retro look & my kids love the rainbow- so it's a win win.

disclaimer: Nerdy shirts didn't pay me or anything. they simply said, "hey do you want a shirt?" & i was all like, "hellz yeah!" & they were all like, "ok cool. when you get it- wear it & tell us what you think. bam."
and so i have. that's it. nothing fishy going on here.
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Sarah-Anne said...

that is one sah-sweet shirt.

lynn.marie said...

I love it! I want to get one for my sister-in-law....perfect

Anonymous said...

Love it! What size did you get? We're a similar build and I like the way it fits you.

Melissa said...

I was totally loving the shirt but we were too busy talking ab out books for me to say anything!! <3

t.bird said...

A- i got it in a small. it's a bit tight (which i prefer) so i suck in (until i get around to doing situps). lol.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I know the feeling - you look great though. Also, this is another shirt you need:http://www.c28.com/shoppingproductdetails.asp?recordid=235941

Just thought of you when I saw it...

Rebecca Bany said...

Awwww... awesome.