Monday, August 8, 2011

weekend picture review

i am well aware that BlogHer 11' has ended & 99% of the lady bloggers are back in the saddle; ready to delight you with tales of meeting one another, Sparklecorn, swag & all around good times.

so i'll keep this short & sweet.

we were invited to a birthday party this weekend. my eldest child, as anti-social as her father, screamed for half of it & spent the other half holding onto a mylar pig balloon that was attached to a bale of hay.



see the 90° angle of that ribbon? yeah, as i said- attached to a bale of hay. hooray.

eventually she stepped away & made dying sheep noises whilst sticking her head through a few cutouts:


and then we let brynn in on the fun:


i attempted to coax alex over to watch her friend unwrap presents- but she was having none of it. brandon took her back to her bff (the mylar pig) and i let brynn explore the wonders of a plastic lawn chair:


eventually it was cake time- and even alex can't ignore the lure of cake. she let go of the balloon string in exchange for sugar:


the only problem? she wanted to keep this sugar pig. forever & ever. terrible. it was melting everywhere & there was no way she was getting into my car with that thing in tow.

i'd love to describe the meltdown that occured once i took it away from her- but i've blocked it from my memory.

brynn was in good spirits though:


chillin' with daddy


pretty girl.

and the coolest party guest ended up being this praying mantis- who was hitching a ride on one of the kid's heads:


and of course i didn't have my macro lens- so i had to get all up in his personal space with my 35mm. my apologies good sir.

after 3 hours we packed up & headed home. alex screamed for 10 minutes- then passed out for another 10- then woke up & refused to nap.

glorious i tell you- glorious.
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Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

That first picture of Alex in the sheep cut out ROCKS! Love that face!

Praying Mantises (Praying Manti?) freak me the heck out. I seriously cannot stand them! I probably would have cried if I found one on Knox's head, then washed his hair 25 times. ::shudders::

Mitzi G. said...

WOW; sounds like a full day of fun :) The girls look adorable & at least she had some fun here & there......

Klo said...

Sounds just like a typical time with RJ at any birthday party. I panicked a little in my mind when I read about the piggy topping and you having to take it away. LOL

Carol said...

Awesome photos! I love how crisp your edits are. I use LR and haven't figure this out yet...ugh!