Friday, August 12, 2011

8 months old

yes, i am aware that i haven't updated since monday.
this week has been the epitome of busy.
sick babies. ear infections. teething. work. errands. no sleep.
all of those things that make you realize that you're an adult. and a parent.

but the highlight- an 8 month old (on tuesday) that finally got her 1st tooth!


see how happy she is about it?

i got home yesterday & KB told me that brynn had been a bit fussy. hmmm- ok. i noticed the incredible amounts of drool & snot & decided to stick my finger in her mouth for exploration.

that's when i felt a tiny little nub. a tiny & sharp little nub.
that's also when she bit down. hard. like a crocodile that won't let go.

i'd forgotten how dangerous teething children, and puppies, can be.

so yes. amidst everything else, my children continue to age & grow.

have a great weekend.
and keep my sanity in your thoughts- i have 3 photoshoots (i'm skill building) this weekend & i may or may not be slightly nervous. maybe. possibly. kinda. yes.

yes i am.
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Desi said...

Good luck this weekend! You will do an amazing job :)

Rocky Mountain Mama said...

Gah! That face kills me. She is beautiful! :)

JamieMoore said...

I totally know what your going through. Kaya is almost 9 months and has her two bottom teeth but the top one are trying to come in now and OH MY!! Cranky baby is an under statement!! I feel for you!

Good luck this weekend too~

Carolyn said...

Happy Monthday baby girl!!

Good luck on your shoots, I'm sure you'll do great!

lynn.marie said...

Good luck! I'm "skill building" as well and it scary! I'm hoping at some point there will be more photography to my blog than 95% filled with Gabrielle :)

Peeper said...

Good luck this weekend and congrats on the new tooth!

Ingrid said...

Happy 8 months! She's growing up so fast.

Elizabeth said...

What a beauty! And good luck on your photo shoot!