Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a day at the beach (Part 1)

would you believe that we took the girls to the beach for the first time in their short lives?

we live not even an hour from the beach if i might add. unacceptable? perhaps. but after this weekend i am on a mission to frequent the beach quite often in the upcoming summers. we will pack up & haul our ocean loving selves up to our sister state of Maine & enjoy the coast.

(we do have beaches in NH. but the ones in ME are better. tis' a fact.)

i also have every intention on decking us out in awesome beach gear. people had the neatest little pop up umbrella/tent shade things.

not to mention some pretty sweet shovels & buckets...and rakes.

i was jealous as i surveyed our layed out comforter, random lawn chairs & lack of any beach toys. damn. we were obviously beach newbs.

anyway- i have a ton of pictures- so i'll split them up. for today, lets focus on myself & my mom suit. oh yeah, and brynn.




the sunshine & salt air made her deliriously happy.


gone are the days of strappy 2 pieces- instead i must embrace full coverage. this is what a "mom suit" looks like. it covers everything that could be considered "offensive" & is somewhat flattering.

...because it's black.


but sitting down always looks good.
and megan told me to look "forlorn" - hilarious.


meanwhile- my bff#2 (meg) flaunts the fact that her body is untouched by the effects of childbirth. one day...

to be continued...
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Sarah-Anne said...

ah, the beach! love that place.

e and w said...

aww nothin' like lazy beach days :)
great mama suit! and your girls are seriously adorable

MarMat said...

ooooh how fun!!
and you look amazing, the suit fits you an enhances your body.

I have a ? . I'm going to the beach for five days and I'm scared of naptime. How did Alex / Brynn had theirs?

Rachel said...

I love York Beach. We used to go all the time when I was a kid. Please tell me you bought taffy at Goldenrod?

Jen said...

Oh sush! You look amazing!

t.bird said...

MarMat- we went around 10am & stayed till around...2ish?

the girls stayed awake & started getting cranky right before we left. once they got nt he car- bam. out like a light.

i think if you're @ the Beach it's ok to skip naptime :)

Rachel- we just watched through the winown. my dentist would kick my ass. lol.

Jen said...

I love your swimsuit! I think it's cute and a bit trendy!!

Jess said...

I love all the beachy photos! And hey, that suit is awfully cute for a
"mom suit." :)

Klo said...

you guys are one seriously cute family! saw these on FB already but had to comment here too.

Mitzi G. said...

looks like a great time was had by all!!