Monday, August 15, 2011

happy monday

first off- i have a visual for you in regards to how my Monday is currently going:

And this is how I started my Monday...

yeah. a $103 ticket for "following to close"

wait, shouldn't that be "folowing too close" Mr. Officer?

either way. i am annoyed. i don't get stopped & i don't get tickets. ever. well actually, i have gotten 1 ticket like 6 years ago (which i tried to fight & lost) & i do sometimes get pulled over (but not within the past 4 years)- but i never get ticketed. ever ever ever.

plus, i totes wasn't following too close. lies. i'd love to "fight" this- but we all know how that'll go.

i'll take time off of work. waste gas driving to the courthouse. curse as i look for parking. pay out the ass for said parking. wait around for 2 hours. the damn cop'll show up & the judge will look at me like i'm the worst driver ever & declare me "Guilty as charged!"

bang gavel. done.

i'll have to pay anyway & my meter will probably run out & i'll get a parking ticket.

and for what? because Mr. Office needed to meet his quota for the month of August?

but moving on. photoshoot. this weekend. it went awesome (for the most part)
the engagement session rocked- but the kid session before hand was like pulling teeth.

smile? no. um...why are you crying? wait- stop. don't touch that. SMILE! are you ok? crap.

but nevermind that- allow me to show you some of the ones from the love shoot.
these have all been re-sized & sharpened for the web.


feel free to CC- i won't be offended.

i tossed up a FB page with the rest: FB Page
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Tales of a young mamma said...

ha wow I got a ticket for following too close on friday! My first ticket ever in my 9 years of driving. But mine was for $130. A-holes

Sarah-Anne said...

awesome photos; you are a great photog!

Amy said...

Sorry about your ticket, and great photo shoot!!!!!!!

Mrs.F said...

You are seriously awesome. I need some tips woman!

Carol said...

Love Love Love the photo with the sun flare! These are awesome, T!