Monday, July 26, 2010

weekend recap

first things first- the giveaway will be going up on August 9th. apparently i suck at reading & my dates were off. my apologies to anyone who got insanely excited and marked today's date on their calendar (though i'm highly doubting that happened).

ok- moving on!

weekend pics & review.

we had an annual family cookout to attend this weekend & i was selected to make dessert. i ended up going with Dirt Cake & Phyllo Fruit Cups:

Picnik collage

Picnik collage1

both turned out wonderfully & both are easy peasy.

the day of the cookout turned out to be a nice (although muggy) day. alex was the center of attention ::head explodes:: and she had the time of her life crawling around on the grass. she was also 10 months old on saturday- so these are her 10 month pics:


(i'm quite proud of myself. i managed to get her eyes in focus (for the most part)and i cleaned up the mess of food she had around her mouth with pretty Ok results (IMO)


(see that blanket & those toys? pointless. her obsession was the grass & her lotion bottle. why do i even try?)

and lets not forget about the dogs. i think they had more fun than anyone. plus, i'm pretty sure they were "slipped" a week's worth of food:






and my in-law's dog, Axel:


(he'll stand like this for-ever until you give him something. it's adorable)

and last but not least- alex once again. after hours of crawling, laughing, playing, eating & etc:


sitting inside (hello air-conditioning) with daddy- exhausted.

so saturday = success.
well...mostly. on the way home the hub's grill fell over in the back of the truck & promptly broke something. i guess the bond between man & his grill is very real & runs very deep because the hub's mood was pretty foul for the rest of the ride.

he perked up a little when i uttered the words "new grill" but we'll see. i think it's fine & i doubt a new one is needed.

and then alex & myself had even more fun on sunday while the hubs & his dad put the roof on the chicken coop. but i'll put up that adventure tomorrow.

how was your weekend?
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Elizabeth said...

happy 10 months to Alex! those photos are great -- you should definitely be proud!
and that food looks SO good!

Elizabeth said...

and oh my gosh, i thought my dog was the only one who stood on his hind legs to beg! we call it his "kangaroo" position, and it's one of the 3 tricks he knows (sit, spin, kangaroo). so adorable!!

Carol said...

Wow. It was a total weiner fest! The pics are awesome. That's something that I haven't figured out how to do...make eyes in focus and sparkle in the pics. Pointers?

Happy 10 months, Alex! Momma has a party to plan soon!

janineb said...

mmm. that dirt cake looks delish!
::nom nom::

double jogging stroller said...

Looks like you had an incredible Saturday with the family. Your dirt cake looked AMAZING. What an awesome family you have. I just voted for you at topbabyblogs.

Mrs.F said...

I just notice Alex's hair in every photo shoot & I have to say I'm in love with it! I love love LOVE it!

Katie said...

Is it wrong that I mainly come to your blog just to look at pictures? I hope not, cause Alex is gorgeous, I can't resist the curls, and I'm going to keep doing it anyway!