Friday, July 23, 2010

20 weeks- halfway there!

i'm 20 weeks today. which technically = "halfway there"

however, if this child is anything like alex then not so much. my child had to be forcefully expelled from my ute after she stuck around for almost 2 extra weeks. we shall see if #2 is as stubborn.

here i am this morning @ 20 weeks with #2:


and because she snuck in:

"oh- herro prease!"

and here's alex- still glassy eyed from sleep & on slight overload from the flashings of ESPN:


please notice the Skip Hop foam mat that i spent good money on- the foam mat that she refuses to play on but will gladly play with as long as it's all packaged up. super.

also, looking at these pictures i think she's starting to look more & more like her father. hmmm.
she'll be 10 months old tomorrow. 10. months. OLD. i'm not going to think about it. i refuse.

i will instead focus on the fact that she officially says her first word ::drumroll::
it's MAMA!
indeed- i say, "say MAMA!" and she says "MAMA!"
or she looks at me & says "MAMA?!"

i swear i try to get her to say DADA- but no dice yet. she'll play around with it "DADADADMAMJHGYTBEIE..." but no definate "DADA" yet.
we'll work on that....maybe.

have a wonderful weekend- and come back monday- we actually have a pretty sweet giveaway. hooray- free stuff!
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Elizabeth said...

you look amazing! i would have no idea this is your 2nd baby if i didn't know!
and alex is too cute!!

Anne said...

You look great and I cannot believe it is 20 weeks already! Alex is to die for as well :)

Eliza said...

You really do look fab! So cute with your adorable belly! Yay for being at the half way mark! Congrats!!!

Ashley Sisk said...

I was going to echo those messages - you're looking great. And Alex is such a cutie.

Carol said...

Love seeing Alex in the bump picture again! You look amazing. I can't believe you are 20 weeks already. Where is the time going? And, if I had to wager a guess...GIRL.

Carol said... you know how amazing it is that she said Mama before Dada? That's like crazy crazy crazy! Usually Mama is the last word they say, behind random words like ball, dog, and duck. Lucky you!

MAK-now said...

Such a lovely post. You look great and your baby girl is just precious!!!

Happy ICLW!!
ICLW #25

Cannonball14 said...

I echo the sentiments...the only pic needed was the bump pic with Alex. You look amazing!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

You look amazing, and I have NO idea how you are already 20 weeks. That, my friend, is pure insanity.

I love that she said Mama first! How sweet! She is so, so adorable.

Jess said...

what a great little bump. :)
Congrats on the first word! Good job, Alex!

Rebekah said...

You must have miscounted. NO WAY you are 20 weeks already! Craziness! You look fab :)

I refuse to acknowledge 10 months as well. She is adorable, as always!

Desi said...

Looking great! I love how Alex snuck in the picture :). Liv was saying mama and now she refuses. She'll say dada all day long and when I ask her to say mama she acts like its a preposterous suggestion!

琬安琬安 said...


janineb said...

looking good darling. adorable belly!