Tuesday, July 6, 2010

a weekend in pictures

we had a fabulous weekend.

the hubs & his father spent the better part of both saturday & sunday building the chicken coop, so alex was doted on by myself & my mother in law. seriously- i'm pretty sure the word "no" never crossed our lips.

it was 90+ all freaking weekend. so alex spent a good amount of time in her pool while i ran around swatting horse flies.


she LOVES her pool. if she could live in it, she probably would.
and i love her pool because it makes bath time so much easier. i simply strip her down, suds her up in the pool & rinse her off with a bowl of warm water. easy peasy.

so that was the extent of sat & sun (minus normal life things like grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning- etc etc)
i literally fell onto the couch sunday night completely exhausted. but then i got this random burst of excited energy because monday was to consist of me going to see Eclipse. hooray! i was on the verge of passing out (from both exhaustion & pure joy) when i got a text from the one of the people i was going to see the movie with.
thinking that she simply wanted to ::squee:: in anticipation, i was suddenly wide awake! however all my joy & happiness was dashed when i read that our date with the un-dead would have to be re-scheduled thanks to a last minute babysitting fail. well shit. not fair. waaaaah.

i proceded to sit & glare at the hubs for the next 20 minutes like it was somehow his fault. i'm 99% sure he willed my friend's babysitting dilemma into existance.

anyway- so instead of spending 2 hours sitting in a cool, dark theater with edward & jacob, i decided that we should go to the park. parks are fun!
so off we went.
alex had a blast:


see? tons of fun. then we decided to go on a walk along one of the trails. yeah- that lasted for all of 10 minutes. it was so freaking hot- even alex was just sitting in her stroller like "wtf? take me home!"

so we decided to go to the mall (hello central air) and walk around. much better.

all in all- awesome weekend!

in other news- i made some kick ass brownies this weekend:


...right? Sea Salt Caramel brownies. they're sinful- salty & sweet- awesome.

and i took some belly pics (before eating the brownies of course). 17 weeks 1 day:

frontal view

side view

how i wear non-maternity short view

i'm still in non-maternity clothes & i can still wear all my regular size stuff as long as i use the above trick for my pants/shorts/skirts. i simply zip up as far as i can & then fold everything else (zipper/button/hooks) to the inside.
so it still looks nice & smooth under shirts. try it! works like a dream.

aaaaaaaand- i think that covers it.

i hope everyone had a splendid weekend!
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Britt said...

What a great weekend and I love your pics!!! Backyard pools are the best, huh???

Laura said...

Great pictures! Your daughter is so adorable!

And great belly pics! I hope you're feeling great.

Carol said...

Love the pics of Alex on the red slide and the bump pics...CUTE! Maybe you'll get to see Ed & jacob soon, I have a date with the movies this week!

Jess said...

Sorry you missed Eclipse (and you should DEFINITELY see it sometime soon!) but hey, the park is always, fun, too. Amazing pictures, as always. Sounds like a lovely weekend and Alex looks like she really enjoyed it!

Blushingbride said...

Looking good momma!!!

Ingrid said...

Love her little bathing suit and pool. The pics are beautiful!

Anne said...

What a cool little pool!!! Love all the new pics.

erin said...

you must love baby gap as much as i do!