Thursday, July 15, 2010


sometimes i am lustful. for things. material things that i need want. but alas- we cannot have everything that we want now can we? but perhaps i can have a few of these day.

so i shall share with you my current list:

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Hunter Wellington Piccadilly Leather Boots.

- i have a thing for sleek, flat boots. i'm also picky- and picky mean that all the ones i love have price tags that make me cringe. the above are included. they'll run me a cool $450- but my my, aren't they pretty?
i want.

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2010 Range Rover Sport

- my husband has already said "NO NOT EVER IN YOUR LIFE!" so i'm pretty sure that means no- but i'm still holding out hope that one day he'll find it in his heart to suprise me with one of these.

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A Beach House on Oahu

- the hubs wants this one as bad as i do. and it's our current goal. so i think this one is gonna happen....eventually.
it doesn't have to be anything big- just a little place. well, medium sized. with 2 bathrooms!

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A Perfect Body worthy of In Shape Magazine

- ummmm- this one is also in the "NO NEVER IN YOUR LIFE" category. thanks to Alex, my love of cookies & my loathing for the gym, this is never going to happen.
if i chilled out on the cookies & sucked it up at the gym- then maybe. but alex took care of the rest with her rather overnight expansion around 35 weeks.
hello stretch marks. goodbye In Shape aspirations.
the body that will be lounging around at my Hawaii beach house will have on more clothing that miss Lauren Conrad- that's for damn sure.

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more Weiner Dog Puppies

- that's right. i would like an entire LITTER of weiner pups. why? because they ar the cutest things on the planet. i want to eat them up.

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A Home Library

- oh my goodness. i want my very own library so bad. there is nothing better than being surrounded by books. encased in the smell of leather bound awesome (ok, maybe paperback but still). i want to go into my brightly lit library, select a book & settle down in my comfy chair.
i want to read for hours without interuption with a bottomless cup of hot tea.

no one would be allowed to come in- except maybe Gary (my favorite cat) because you can't have a library without a kitty curled up on the windowsill. oh oh oh. perhaps one day- but i kind of doubt it. no "man cave" for the hubs means no library for me. alas.

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Soup in a Bread Bowl whenever i want it

- you know? like already made for me. i think about it- want it- it's there. done.
the above pic is from a cooking blog i love (Sugar Crafter) and it makes me want soup RIGHT NOW. even though it's close to 85° outside.
oh- also want to be able to eat the entire bowl without worrying about carbs. duh.

and that's all for now. there are many other things i want. little things- big thing- important things- world peace- etc etc. but i'll leave you with these.

your turn? what do YOU want?
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That Mama Gretchen said...

I really REALLY want a craft room ... a place for fabric and paper with a HUGE work table.

Hmmm ... someday.

Carol said...

Oh,oh, I want a nanny and maybe a housekeeper, and a really sweet pair of Jimmy Choos. The shoes could happen one day, the rest, probably not until I expire and the Hubs realizes how much I do :)

Elizabeth said...

your list is pretty good. soup in a bread bowl = delish. :)
weiner dog puppies are so cute. don't they have bad backs though?
and i would love a library too... and time to read!
and you look great... i bet most pregnant women are jealous of your body! :) that cover is probably airbrushed too!

Tabitha said...

My list is fairly simple right now...I just want a baby! lol! :)

LA @The Reel Family said...

I want your Range real.bad but not really because one oil change price and I would yak and sell it to the highest bidder. I want a room all to myself with big white chairs and a girly decore with a huge desk and your desk top mac. See I am not all that hard to please haha... my hubs does not agree.

Phoenix said...

Slow down time!!! I don’t know if it’s AF knocking on the door or the fact that my baby boy will be turning 9 months on Tuesday, all I want to do is wrap both my babies tightly in my arms, close my eyes and refuse to admit they’re becoming little men.

It’s a joyous yet somber occasion, it’s hard to let go of the cuddly little baby I so love and embrace the no time to stop toddler he’s becoming.

Coversation I had with my 2 ½ year old yesterday.
Michelle: Can I wrap you tightly in my arms and hold you?
Benjamin: no
Michelle: Please, just a few seconds?
Benjamin: No!
Michelle: I’m going to cry, just a short cuddle?
Benjamin: NO MOMMY!
Michelle: Fine, I have another child I can love on.
*Glancing over in Hayden’s direction to find him crawling down the hallway at lightening speed.* [sigh] My babies are growing up too quickly.

Anonymous said...

分享是件快樂的事!!感謝您用心的文章!! ............................................................

Ingrid said...

I'll take the beach house. That picture made me literally DROOL. So beautiful and peaceful. Heaven I tell you.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

the pic of the beach house is beautiful and do you have a vision board? Seriously.

I would LOVE a library - D would too - alas, house is too small already and no way do we do renovations (I think it might well put me over the edge)

Mrs.F said...

I'm going to have to second that want for the Range Rover. I'm hoping maybe in 7ish years?? :)

And my dream is to live in an amazing house on a hill overlooking the ocean somewhere in SoCal. That is ALL I want.

Current want that isn't impossible? Oatmeal coconut chocolate chip cookies. Nom nom nom.