Tuesday, July 13, 2010


ok- week/end recap:

- we went to the Jack Johnson show on saturday night. it was awesome. it was a long drive but totally worth it. we at mucho overpriced food & listened to an amazing live performance.
the only negative- the pot heads behind us who must have lit up 15 joints in the course of 2 hours. how can people smoke something that smells so bad?
anyway- we got home & alex was sound asleep & had done great. hooray.

- we bought red & white paint for our chicken coop. we also bought all of the supplies for our baby chicks to be. i'm way over-stoked about these chickens. like- ridic.

- alex is so cute i can't even stand it. i swear, she's the smartest kid in the world. like- genius level. well maybe not, because she smacks her head on quite a bit of stuff- but still. i feel like she learns something new every minute. but she tires me out- she wants to GO GO GO! sit & relax? hell no mom.

- i had my OB appt today- i was super stoked to schedule my growth/gender ultrasound for sometime within the next week or so...no such luck. my OB is evil. the conversation went like this:
OB: "let's see, so we'll see you in 4 weeks?"
ME: "oh...well, i was gonna see if i could come in for my ultrasound...you know, sooner? cause i'll be 20 weeks soon....?"
OB: "hmmm..." looks @ chart "...nah, you're due here in 4 weeks anyway so you can wait until then, right sweetie?" looks @ me
ME: (foams at the mouth & chants magic spells that will make all of his hair fall out) "oh...well, i was hoping..."
OB: cuts me off "...yeah- 4 weeks is good. we usually do them between 18 & 22 weeks anyway so no rush!" gets up, slaps my folder shut & smiles (a very evil smile)
ME: "alright i guess..." (decides to try a different tactic & looks pathetic & begs for mercy with puppy dog eyes)
OB: "GREAT! see you in 4 weeks hon!" looks at his Rolex, shakes my hand & skips out of the room
ME: repents for resorting to black magic earlier & prays for patience. then goes & schedules an appt for Aug 10th. sonofabitch!

so yeah- my BIG u/s won't be until August 10th. i'll be 22 weeks & 4 days. honestly- not all that late. but i'm super impatient. it's a curse. if it had been my female OB i could have TOTALLY suckered her into letting me come in earlier, but alas.

aaaand- that's about it. nothing big & bad or wicked exciting. sad news though- i still have yet to see Eclipse (GASP) but i'm 97% sure i'm finally going this sunday. so yeah. see? maybe i'm a little patient after all...

and because everyone likes pictures- here are some shots i took in May when i rented a lense. flowers & bugs:

Picture or Video 1017
Picture or Video 1018
Picture or Video 1019
Picture or Video 1024
Picture or Video 1021
Picture or Video 1026

buzz buzz- i'm pretty sure he wanted to sting my face off.

Picture or Video 1027
Picture or Video 1028
Picture or Video 1030
Picture or Video 1029
Picture or Video 1031


the end.
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Carolyn said...

Love the bumble bee shots, way cool.

Brad & Rachel said...

How loud was the show and did you use anything to block the sound a bit for Alex? My husband and I are going to see Tim McGraw on the 28th and I'm so nervous about how loud it's going to be for Ella, we'll be in the lawn.

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Dude, your OB is EVIL for making you wait for so long! I would spontaneously combust. Do you have a place around that does 4D ultrasounds? That's what we did at 16 weeks to find out the sex because I am the most impatient person on Earth.

Oh, and you crack me up, as per usual. Love you, chick, you rock my world when you post.

And did I mention that I'm jealous of your future chickens??!

Elizabeth said...

i was 22 weeks and 2 days when i had my big u/s with joshua. it killed me to wait so long! i think for my practice, they wanted to wait until the organs were more developed to get a good look at them. but still... annoying! :)

Kendra (butterfly1979) said...

Ohhh I'm SO JEALOUS that you went to the Jack Johnson show! We had awesome seats for that show, but I had to sell them bc my daughter's Christening was the next day and I didn't want to be a zombie! Glad you had fun! :)

Jess said...

Okay, a few things.
1. I am SO jealous that you saw Jack Johnson live!
2. I probably would've BEGGED for an earlier ultrasound. I am just as impatient as you. LUCKILY, I already have two ultrasounds set up- one for this Thursday (15.5 weeks) and one for the 9th of August (19ish weeks). So we're all good there!
3. Great photos, as usual. LOVE the bumblebee pictures.

D said...

Definitely jealous you got to see Jack Johnson! Great music! And bummer about having to wait for the big u/s. Until then you will have to entertain us with your guesses as to it's gender ;) And amazing photos - seriously, those are just awesome!

Carol said...

Lovey the Bee pics...super cool. I didn't know one can rent lenses...must look in to that!

OB's are numb to how exciting and suspense filled mom's are about figuring out the gender...serious bummer.

Danse said...

Were you in CT? That's where I am ;o)

Arielle said...

great pictures as usual! may the next 4 weeks sail by smoothly :)

t.bird said...

B&R: alex stayed home with my BFF! thankfuly- cause she'd probably have wound up with a contact high ;)

Danse: it was in MA- CT would have been like- omg way too far!

jess: it's a mutual love. you know this to be true. and you should be- my chix are gonna kick ass!

ladies- thank you! and yes- renting lense is super fun!
jack johnson was aaaawesome- i wish he could live with us & sing to me daily.
and i'm glad you agree that this wait is torture- i should sue!

Lori said...

Love your pictures. And it's so frustrating that you have to wait an extra TWO weeks for your big ultrasound! Doesn't the doctor KNOW how impatient pregnant ladies are?!

I'm your newest follower by the way!

Anonymous said...


That Mama Gretchen said...

Jealous about Jack Johnson! How fun :)

Are there any other OB's at the practice? I would totally switch if you can manage it ... they make a ton of $ to provide quality care. An evil one such as this would make me so nervous ... it's like he's lost the joy of pregnancy and all the emotions mamas go through!

Phoenix said...

LOL- I love your comment about Alexa being the “smartest kid in the world. like- genius level”. I think the same thing about my boys, then in a blink of the eye we're having a WTF moment. My 9 month gets stuck between chairs under the dining room table; the other day we were outside using sidewalk chalk, he put the chalk in his mouth making a horrible face, only to turn around and do it again…making sure the taste didn’t change in the last second. My 2 ½ year old jumps on his bed and falls off time and time again; last week he stood on the carpeted stairs, pulled down his pants and pee'd, he was so excited that he didn't pee in his diaper. I just stood there shaking my head in disbelief; I guess that's making progress towards potty training...right?!?!?