Monday, July 19, 2010

weekend recap

first off- the girl winner for the BabyLegs giveaway never contacted me- so i've picked a new winner:

Comment #11. Congrats Janineb! please contact me within 24 hours with your info!

friday: i had the day off. so alex & i had a day to ourselves. i brought her to work, where she promptly acted like i was killing her whenever i tried to put her down or let someone say hello. seriously, i think my co-workers suspect that i've been lying about her good nature.

we then went walking downtown (main objective: try on new Hunter's @ the local shoe store) and manged not to spend a single dime. impressive! by this time it was around 12ish or so & it was freaking HOT. so we went back home & spent the rest of the day indoors.

my friend (who just had her 7th child 3 months ago- dear God) called & we made dinner plans. HOORAY! dinner plans with friends? why that hasn't happened in ages. AGES! so i suggested (strongly) that the husband come home early so i could go out. he obliged.

i went out & had the best turkey shnitzle ever. EVER! and then (with the friend's 3 month old in tow) & another friend- we headed to Barnes & Nobles for the next 2 hours. we read filthy tabloids & spent too much on Starbuck's food.

i unlocked my front door @ 10:40pm and was pleased that the house was dark & quiet. off to bed.

saturday: up bright & early to drop the hubs truck off for service by 8am. then we had breakfast @ Donut Fresh (i'm slightly obsessed with this local donut place. it's interesting because it's owned & operated by several Japanese ladies who assualt you as soon as you walk in.

ahhh- no not yet! have mercy!
the hubs loves it because he think i take entirely too long to make up my mind- but these ladies won't allow it. i've got about 30 seconds to just pick something- ANYTHING!

then the dining room is all decked out in Asian art stuff- so you feel like you're in an Asian food place- but you're not. but i love it.
after eating we killed 2 hours walking through various Feed Stores (think Agway, Blue Seal- etc) looking at chicken stuff. then we had to go to the local gun store- boring. thankfully we left without purchasing any more firearms. Lord knows we don't need any despite the hubs insistance that we do.

finally- the hubs truck was ready so i dropped him off & headed home with alex.

then the highlight of my day- ECLIPSE! finally! i went & saw the 2:30 showing. i swooned, sighed, gasped- etc etc. fabulous.

sunday: sunday was a catch all day. Lowes for paint- Wal Mart for juice, home to paint the chicken coop, mow the lawn, do chores- etc etc.

alex also decided that she didn't want to be put down. unless you were on all fours playing with her. fabulous- considering how much cooking & baking i needed to get done. however, i figured out that letting her crawl around in the kitchen & open all the doors was her vice.

finally- all was done & we had a few hours to simply relax. and play. with a happy, drooling baby:




as you can see- she is surrounded by all of her favorite toys. including a nasal aspirator & my muddling stick.

and there we go.
a very good weekend- even for the hubs who had to paint in 90 degree weather & managed to get paint every-freaking-where.

also- i finally updated my cooking blog for those that have been waiting/asking. i apologize for the 3 month delay. i...well i don't know!
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Anne said...

Too cute! I figure I could just give Nik the aspirator and a wooden spoon and he'd be set.

Also, hanging at B&N with a trashy mag and Starbucks sounds like heaven :)

佳皓佳皓 said...

Man is not made for defeat. A mean can be destroyed but not defeated...................................................................

Carol said...

I love that your weekend included a Feed Store and painting a chicken coop! That's awesome. We looked at a house that was for sale in the country this's a start. I often feel that if we could just get a little outside of the city then life would slow down to an acceptable pace :)

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Wasn't Eclipse just ridiculously perfect?? I adored it.

AND OMG, our husbands are the same person. If he buys one more gun, I may shoot him with it. Okay, not really, but I would yell at him very loudly. Then shoot the gun into the air for emphasis.

janineb said...

what a jam packed weekend! I consider it a victory if I get more then 2 loads of laundry done :)

and yay for more babylegs! thanks for picking me :)

Josh Healy said...

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Ky • said...

Just found your blog from Happy Hopefuls... you little bebe is a CUTIE pie!

蕙春蕙春 said...