Monday, October 5, 2009

updates/pictures- etc etc

soooo we left alex "alone" for the first time this weekend. we went to the fair on Sat for 2 hours & left her with my mother. it's so weird how sad i was to leave her! i knew we'd be back in no time but still- it helped that she was with my mom though. thankfully she'll be watching her when i go back to work so that helps alot.

anyway- we braved the fair, despite the rain, and ate more than can possibly be legal- the highlight? fried twinkies. OMG. want more. good times!

then we ran to pick up my nipple cream- and wow. that stuff is awesome. my nips feel so much better already- i haven't given alex the left nip since friday so i think i'll give it another day or 2 and then go for it. i'm a little gun-shy but meh!


so- today is my first day home alone with alex- dun dun dun! brandon had to go back to the daily grind so we'll see how mommy does on her own.

it's 8:42am and i've managed to get dressed, eat, brush my teeth, feed alex, give her a bath, bath her, put her on her play mat & watch her pass out, throw in a load of laundry, do dishes, let the dogs out and STOP! and of course, update this thing :) not bad! i do miss having brandon here- it's fun to have him around & watch him hold/play with alex. but tis' life! he has next monday off (Colombus day) so that'll be fun!

anyway- so after going out to beakfast yesterday (with my in-laws & brandon's aunt/uncle) we went & bought a chest freezer so that we have somewhere to store all my milk:

ahhh! that's all from this past week! less than a week! i also bought another box of containers & a box of bags- the containers are getting to be too much so we'll give the bags a shot too.

then i made some pumpkin bread for brandon to take to work:

thank God the shortage has passed- that was rough!
then we watched the new family guy (not as funny- tsk tsk) and put alex down around 10:30ish (after she projectile vommed all over me & the couch- awesome) and i went to bed.
she's been doing fairly well at night. i got up @ 2am to pump & feed/change her. then she was back to sleep by 3:15ish. then brandon got up @ 5 & left for work @ 5:30 & she got up around 6:45. not bad. we'll still need to get a system in place, but it's only been a week. so we've got time :)
aaaand here are some pictures:

i'm going to assume that one day she'll stay awake long enough to appreciate this overpriced playmat...

eyes open for once! gaaah she's so cute! i love her!
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Jessica said...

She is so cute! I cannot get over all that hair, and she is so alert!

You are a breastfeeding champ! I cannot believe all that milk you've managed to pump already. How awesome!

FaithJoy said...

girl you must feel great!!! already baking, going to the fair AND going out to eat !!! After only a week ive already deemed you supermom goooosh , i sooo hope I rebond this quick u go mamaa!!!lol

E_Sharp said...

Wow! She is such a pretty little girl!
Oh, and I hate you for how much milk you produce. ;)

True Companions Plus One? said...

Gah she is adorable! And yay for you - you're rockin' at this mama thing! Hopefully things go as well for me in a week or so. Congrats!

kate said...

You go girl! Me = so jealous of your milk production. I don't have that much and I'm 4 months in.