Thursday, October 8, 2009

2 weeks!

2 weeks postpartum: (yes, my hair is all "diana ross" up in here)

not too shabby! it'd probably be better if i had some self control- but come on, who else was going to eat the rest of the pumpkin bread? who i ask? seriously.

alex managed to keep her adorable weiner shoes on the other day:
...for approx 3 hours or so while i was out & about-but the she decided to poop eeeeverywhere, so off they came- also, that cute little onsie is no more. seriously. half of it is stained yellow from her poo. nasty.
i can't believe she's 2 weeks already! she has her 2 week appt tomorrow so we'll see what she weighs & all that jaz- she must have gained something because her NB clothes are getting a littttle snug.
she's still doing fairly well sleeping wise- she does take about 1-2 hours to ACTUALLY go down at night- which has me dozing/crying in the glider till about 11:30-12am but once she does go down she's good for at least 3-4 hours. whew. she's been awake more during the day which i cool- i also try to keep her awake for brandon (poor guy, he misses her so much during the day) so yeah.
so all in all- things are well! it's nice & "fall-y" here so i'm going to dress alex all warm & snuggly this weekend & try & get some pictures- yay! hopefully we can get a few family pics (thank you camera timer)
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Emilia said...

I cannot say I tried it, but I have heard that putting BM poop stained clothes in the sun gets it right out. Something about the bilirubin. You and Alex both look great!

My open roads said...

ah, the poop stains :) I know all about it, especially when I have my little guy in the car seat and he does his business, the poop somehow goes all the way up to his neck... lol. Anyways, I 'fix' the stains by spraying some Oxi Clean Baby (got a spray bottle of it from Babies R Us), I spray the stain and let it sit for a bit, than toss in the loundry clean up - all the clothes that I thought were rouined are back to perfect! It even got all the yellow spits off white onsies. One of those good products that actually work :)

True Companions Plus One? said...

I've heard the same thing about the sun and I may have to try that Oxi Clean trick when my time comes. ;-)

And lookin' good with the post-partum pics! (and hey - I don't blame you one bit for the pumpkin bread - yum!)