Thursday, October 15, 2009

3 weeks!

miss alexis is 3 weeks old today!
gosh- she just keeps getting cuter! how does that even happen? i decided to put her in her coming home outfit today- sadly it's a little small but i wanted to get at least one more wear out of it. she's getting so big so fast!!! :( ahhh well. tis' life.

me on the other hand- i don't want to get any bigger thank you- and it appears that all my breastfeeding/pumping is paying off a little:
pre-pregnancy jeans!!! ta da!!! yaaaaaay! they are a liiiittle tighter than before, but i can zip up & button & throw a belt on :)

now if my stomach would just tighten itself...i'm pretty sure that bowl of halloween candy hiding behind my expansive ass isn't going to help things...i'm calling it my "bowl of self control" because if i can resist the call of candy then i'm doing hard.

as you can see my thighs are protesting the tiniest bit- but they will get smaller & i will once again be able to cross my legs- i hope.

in other news: boobie feeding/pumping is going well! my nipple compound is my boob god and my chest freezer is quickly filling up- here's what i aquired within the past 5 days or so:

this is added to the gallon that i already had in the freezer- yikes! i hope i don't run out of room. all this milk comes from me?!
i must say, i felt a kinship with the cows at the fair this year. the sight of their poor, swollen udders made me gently hug my own screaming boobs- what we do as mothers- eh?
and that's about it- alex is doing AWESOME at night- last night she slept through the night!!! woot- she went down around 11-11:30pm and aside from a few "i need my paci" groans, she slept till 7 this morning! i still had to get up to pump around 3ish- but no complaints!
hopefully this continues and we fall into a nice little schedule...woot!
and now i must go "do" something- the husband asked me what i do all day (since i don't turn the TV on) and i honestly didn't know. what the hell do i do while she's sleeping?! yikes!
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Danse said...

OMG, you look great and I'm jealous of your supply. I have to supplement a few times/day and it sucks.

Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

I am jealous of both your breast milk supply & the fact that you are in your pre-pregnancy jeans.....You go girl!!

Leigh said...

i am so jealous, not of the milk or jeans but that your 3 week old baby is sleeping through!

My word - that's the difference between beautifully full term and my little 32-weekers :)

My open roads said...

wow, way to go with the milk!!! my problem with freezing breast milk is, you got to use it up within 6 months or so do you think you'll be using it all within 6 months? My little guy is over 5 months old now and we're still nursing beautifully, so some milk that I froze at the beginning will need to go to the trash soon... so I wonder what the purpose of freezing really was when we just keep on breastfeeding as we go...? I'm sure it's good to have back up of milk though, just in case...