Monday, October 5, 2009

belly button!

so as i was hauling alex up & onto my shoulder, i hear a little "plink" and look down at the floor- dun dun dun:
someone lost her umbi cooooord! woot!

i grabbed it right before cessna did ::gag:: and promptly took a picture. i'll let the husband see it when he gets home & then into the trash it'll go!

how does something so nasty fall off of something so cute? case in point:

alex decided to spend most of today AWAKE (shocking) so we had a good time "playing"- that equals her on her play mat & me staring at her- poor thing.
she did go to sleep about 2 hours ago so i made the husband's favorite dinner of all time:

kielbasa & potatoes. he's gonna be thrilled. i was going to make apple dumplings, but i'm missing about...all of the ingredients. so tomorrow.
and that's that! the husband will be home any minute now (yay) and that = operation day 1 home alone: completed!
House tonight & hopefully a baby that will wake up to eat, see her father & go back to sleep for the night!!!
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My open roads said...

she is totally adorable! :) still can't believe all the awesome hair!

shotzie said...

Oh my goodness that dish looks so yummy! Are you going to post the recipe?

Alex is so adorable!