Thursday, October 8, 2009

consignment store finds

thanks to the local (adorable) consignment store, i got a ton of loot for only $60!!! and considering that's how much the Belly Bandit cost (that i returned to said consignment store because i am FAR to short waisted) i feel like it's an even trade :)

the silver shoes are from the consignment store- the mocs are thanks to Target!

i loooove the little jeans- and the striped pants feel uber comfy.

she's wearing the 1 piece tomorrow (for her appt) easy on/easy off!

the most adorable bib- it's like a bandana...but not? :)

i'm not usually down with pink- but that jacket is freaking softer than anything!

um yeah- cutest. hat. EVER!!! freaking what?! and i LOVE the Zutano baby shirt- and that sweatshirt... ::squee::

hooray! let this be a lesson- there is no need to spend $20+ on one article of children's clothing- go to your local consignment store and have fun!!!!
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My open roads said...

awesome finds! the silver shoes are just too cute :)

True Companions Plus One? said...

I love baby clothes!

pmarie33 said...

word. We've been to a few public consignment sales and hought her big toys (stationary entertainer, playmat, toys, etc) My mom bought a swing for $18. I refuse to pay full price for things they are only going to use/wear for a short time either. We already found her Christmas outfit from a consignment store for $8 (minus the tights). =)