Thursday, October 1, 2009

one week old!

miss alex is 1 week old today! whew! time flies!

she's so freaking cute- gaaaah!!!

me on the other hand....yikes. i look rough.

AW'ing my breastmilk stash :)
and i know i like to see these:

1 week post partum. i think i'm going to get a Belly Bandit today to help tightn things up (hopefully)

i have more info, updates, etc- but i have to go. i'll finish later!
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Mama Tina said...

Congratulations!!! She is beautiful and looks just like her Mommy. Thanks for sharing!!!

-Mama Tina (Tiffany's MIL) from the blog (Miracles come in Pairs)

Kaitlyn said...

She is gorgeous and I am jealous of your milk stash.


Addy said...

She is so unbelievably beautiful! Congrats hun :) I'm so happy for you!!

FaithJoy said...

wow, do u make pumping a stash of milk easy! and the girlie-o IS soooo cute much luv mommie

Mandy said...

SO happy for you! She is beyond gorgeous. Seriously - adorable!

Melissia said...

What a beautiful baby! And you look great. You are getting a huge supply of milk frozen already. I have a suggestion so that you can use the oldest milk first, just get some labels and write the date and time that you pumped and then stick them on the bottles. That way you can you use them up in the order of whichever is the oldest. You can also use little tags with strings if you are worried that the labels will fall off, or place them in baggies that can be written on.
I am sure that you have them stacked in a certain way in the freezer, but someone may knock them over some day or they may fall over, thus losing your system; that happened to me once and I was in a huge panic, I had a six month supply that was not labeled.
Anyway Alex is just gorgeous and you did such a great job, I just wanted to tell you congratulations.

Jessica said...

She is gorgeous! She looks so much older than one week with all that hair. And you look great!

True Companions Plus One? said...

T - she is absolutely beautiful! Hard to believe it's been a week already - congratulations again, Mama!

Brad and Sharra said...


SHe is soooo cute!!!!

(and your stash is awesome! WHOOT!)