Monday, October 19, 2009

poor baby

why must darling newborns immediately suffer through something that they will again have to deal with in about 13 years- acne?!

is there a good reason that my smooth faces little angel now resembles a 13 year old teenager?
alas- supposedly this too shall pass within a few weeks so here's to hoping. ::fingers crossed::

in other news- alex has some weird rash- it's not raised & seems to be causing her no discomfort, but it's still unnatural- so we have an appt with the Pedi @ 3:45pm today.

poor child- only 3 weeks in & already dealing with skin conditions. tsk tsk.
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My open roads said...

on no, poor baby girl! my little one had a few outbreaks at the beginning too, and then the cradle cap that is still showing its signs here and there - your girl has awesome long hair though, so even if she had that, it woldn't show much ;) hope the outbreak clears up soon!

Scullyhoyy said...

I am so late but Congrats on your little lady! She is adorable...

FaithJoy said...

awww baby hopefully its something that'll be solved quick! Are u doing cloth?? I wanna seeeee lol