Monday, May 4, 2009

the weekend in review

#1. i practiced major self control & DID NOT buy this adorable Coach Hampton bag & wallet:

you're probably wondering how i resisted...and i really can't tell you. i had my 25% of coupon in one hand & the bag/wallet in the other & i just....didn't buy it.

the husband said "i don't know why you need it but, go for it"
the clerk said "oooh, that's one of my favs! perfecto for spring & summer!!!"
the fellow shopper said "oh yes dear- there is PLENTY of room in that for it to double as a baby bag!"

....and yet i couldn't allow myself to purchase it. maybe because (with the coupon) it would have cost exactely what our stroller is going to (that i have yet to buy) or maybe it's because i realized that i really don't need this purse (want, not need) or maybe alot of different things. who knows- all i know is that i don't have it but i still really want it.
i'm going to give my coupon to one of my husband's lady co-workers & forget about it. ::sob::

#2. i got my first stranger comment this weekend- yay!
Kay's clerk "when are you due?!"
me "sept 15th"
Kay's clerk "how exciting! i only asked because i could totally tell it's all baby bump- no question about it!"
me ::squee::

#3 i feel Alex kick & see her move more & more. i also tried to get the husband to feel (she was kicking HARD) but he didn't seem to get it. plus he was preoccupied with the NHL Play Offs. loser.

#4 we have purchased our mother's their mother's day gifts: a Swarovski figurine for the mother in law (this is a yearly thing) and a diamond Journey pendant & ring for my mother (thank you Kay's clerk)
they should both be pleased- i, however, am not pleased that one of the emeralds i my e-ring is so loose that it could fall out just by looking at it. looks like i'll be making a stop at Barmakian's this weekend with my warranty in hand. for real.

#5 is it bad that i have no interest in looking at baby clothes?! i went to a bunch of stores this weekend (inlcuding the always adorable babyGap) & i looked for about 5 min & then had to leave because i was bored. at this rate my child will be naked. poor thing.

aaaand i think that's it. my Level II u/s is tomorrow so we'll see what my stats are afterwards- otherwise, nothing new. still waiting on a closing date for the house (should have one this week) and then we can start "planning" things (ie: furniture & such)

and such & such :)
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1 comment:

Rebekah said...

I LOVE the are a stronger woman than I ;) And, I'm willing to bet your child won't be naked--EVERYONE will buy you clothes!

Sounds like a pretty good weekend!