Thursday, April 30, 2009

part time? full time? no time?

so the plan was for me to go back to work part time in Jan. i'd work regular hours Mon- Wed & leave it at that. sounded good, yes?

well my lovely boss just informed me that the company isn't currently "allowing" part time because blah blah blah (they want all of us all the time damnit!) hmmm- so, yes.

i'm wondering if i strong arm them & say it's either part time or no time if they'll change their minds. wouldn't you rather keep a seasoned employee who knows her shit (and does it quite well if i might add) at part time rather than hire a new person that's going to take over a year to train at full time? i would!

either way- i'm actually fine with either. i decided part time because i felt like that's what i should do (because i had no reason not to) but now that they said "No"- i'm also quite fine with working full time. my mother & MIL will watch alex so i won't have to pay for daycare or worry about her being safe & such- and i can work my regular hours & have money to bank.

so it's a win-win either way, i just don't like being told "No". heh.
we shall see what happens i suppose!
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notetoself said...

Would they let you work part time at the office and part time from home? I have no clue what you do, but my friend recently pitched that idea to her boss and he's letting her "try it out" for a few months. Might be worth asking about.