Monday, May 11, 2009


ok- a couple things that i've purchased/recieved:

the most adorable little moccasins!!!!

this fab little doxie onsie (and the seller threw in a free pair of pants too!)

lilacs- thanks to my mother in law's green thumb- God i love these. lilacs are my all time favorite flower/smell. mmmm!

some green roses from my mother for "mother to be" present. i'm not usually a flower girl, but i love them because she was soooo excited to give them to me :)

and that's all for now- my house smells like lilacs & roses- GOSH!!!
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osuraj said...

That onsie is SO cute!!!

Rebekah said...

Love it all! The shoes are so cute!

I nominated you for an "award" on my blog. :)