Tuesday, May 19, 2009

23 weeks.....and closing day!

well today = 23 weeks & closing day on our new house! ::squee::

23 weeks- wow! that seems so far- but i still have about 20 weeks to go!
ok- you'll have to excuse all the boxes because we're MOVING! finally!

bare belly always = looks more pregnant in my book.

and here are the somewhat odd looking frontal shots. you can clearly see my rather crooked LN....the husband never fails to point it out- "that weird line" he likes to call it. lovely.

anyway- so yes. we close this morning at 9:30 and then it's off to clean, clean, CLEAN! these people were smokers so i'm going to be doing a lot of airing out & cleaning with vinegar- yum. i'm usually not all gung-ho on cleaning but i'm pretty excited. i mean, i'd be more excited if someone wanted to do it all for me, but still. yeah.

ok- i need to go "do" things i suppose- yay!

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Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

Cute bump & congrats on the house closing today!!

FaithJoy said...

congrats on belly and with your closing!!! Ive been "lurking" ( i dont heart the word) since ur first IVF cycle and now Im on bcps gearing up for my first one . You have been such an inspiration, youre blogging is soooo happy now and Im soooooooo happy for you. Even my hubby "knows" ur page when he sees me reading :) anyways thanks alot , i apreciate your journey!...of topic question have u read how long u have to wait to have ivf again after the first one, im just curious and dont feel like i can ask my RE that just yet lol

ajvann said...

You look great and congrats on the house!