Monday, May 11, 2009

i woke her up..

...on purpose because i wanted to feel her move. i'm an evil mother to be.
i won't lie- i jiggled my tummy a bit, drank some ice cold water & ate about 5 choc chip cookies and now she's up. she's been too quiet this morning so i just needed to reassure myself. aweful!

in other news: this weekend was lovely. saturday: i gave my Coach coupon to a very thankful husband/father at the mall. he was buying his wife a purse- lucky wife!

then i stopped at Banana Republic & found the most beautiful dress for $84.99 (down from $150!) it looked great on me & would have been a lovely shower dress- but i'm not paying $85 for a dress. sorry.

so then i went to Motherhood & purchased a pair of capris & shorts & a 38 E bra- dear GOD! all these? $101.00 (the extra $1 was for the march of dimes- yay!) i felt better about spending that much on 3 needed items rather than $85 on 1 un-needed item.

then i babysat from 6-12ish for some church friends. they didn't know i was ku so they were very excited for me- this also led to a conversation i had to have about periods & such with their 3 daughters (5, 9 & 10) they "knew" about periods, but were a tad confused about everything. i did my best but i ended up telling them to ask their mother. lol.

sunday was nice- we took my MIL out to breakfast & her & i got a carnation at the restaraunt- that was sweet. then we hung out with her & FIL (and i stole about half of the lilacs she had in her yard) for awhile & headed to my parent's.

i spent over an hour cleaning (my family is beyond messy) and then we ate & visited & such (my mother got me green roses). my mother then left to get my brother & niece (my brother needs to grow up & not make my mother do things- but that's a diff rant) and i had some words with my younger siblings about how rude, lazy & ungrateful they are. of course my 14 year old brother got pissy with me because:
1. he's 14 - duh
2. he's got Aspbergers & gets VERY angry VERY quickly among other things
3. he knows i'm right & he's taking advantage of my parents
4. etc etc etc

my 12 year old sister also wasn't pleased- but come on, she's a 12 year old moody teenager, what did i expect? and my 10 year old sister was a little more passive about it- she's got Autism (higher functioning but not Aspbergers like my brother) so she either gets reeeeally mad or doesn't care what i say) also my 29 year old brother has Downs Syndrome but is also higher functioning- so he has the ability to do his chores & listen to my parents, but he was also giving my dad a hard time. so he got an earful from me as well. the only one who didn't feel my wrath was my 18 year old brother who just moved back hom & has been really helpful to my parents- my 23 year old brother needs his ass kicked but i didn't have the energy & plus, i love my niece too much to risk him not letting me see her. ARGH! people!

all in all i think i got my point across- seriously, i can't believe my parents let them get away with the crap they do. we were NOT raised like that- this i just further proof that my parents are really freaking tired.

after my mom got back & i tattled on everyone (LOL) i played with my niece for awhile & then we left. all in all it was a wonderful day.

so yes- now i spend the next 8 days looking forward to CLOSING (19th) and the then my next U/S & Appt on the 21st ::squee: then we'll be moving in to the new place over the long Memorial Day Weekend. can. not. WAIT!
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Callie said...

I wake Chase up all the time. You have too! Keep her up during the day or she will keep you up at night!

Jessica Loves Trevor said...

Let us clarify- how many siblings do you have?!

I think I'd wake my baby up all the time, too!

Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

You are not awful at all; I wake Brayden up all the time just to feel him move around. Good for you for talking to your brothers & sisters...hopefully they will take it to heart.

Rebekah said...

Dang you've got a lot of siblings! Sounds like you're on the right track to being a great mom, though (waking her up and all)!! :)

t.bird said...

p.s. ladies- there are 11 of us in all :)
ha- no thank you!!!