Sunday, December 21, 2008

snowy dog day

so we got about a foot+ of snow over the weekend. as any dog owner knows, snow or no snow- the dogs still have to go out- so here's a little recap of saturday afternoon...

"are you peeing yet?"
"not yet, are you?"
"well, let's just pee together then..."
"good idea!"
"hmmm- i'm max- i love peeing..."
"i'm cessna- i also love peeing...mainly on the kitchen floor though..."
"you all done?"
"yeah- you?"
"let'sssss GO THEN!!"
"wait for me max!!!!"
"gosh cessna- you're so slow! "
"ok- ready?"
"yeah- but i'm cold- can we go in now?"
"well i guess- the door is that way!! WOO-HOO!!!"
"hooray!!!!- come on mom & dad!!!"

and that was that! cessna HATES the snow- her poor little feet get so cold so she starts holding up her paws & wimpering & she won't move until you pick her up. it's adorable.
max on the other hand, could care less. as long as he can pee & poop on it, it's fine by him!
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E_Sharp said...

My doxie HATED the snow... he wouldn't even go outside in it. They are so cute!

Danse said...

They are too cute! I have a Basset who spent about 5 minutes in the snow before begging to go back in. He's been pepe le pew hopping around the yard too since there's too much snow for his little legs to deal with.