Monday, December 22, 2008

IVF#2 (fresh)

12/20: BW&US @ 7am = all looks well
12/21: BW&US @ 7:15am = all looks even more well
12/21: Trigger shot @ 9pm = let's get even more bloated- woot
12/23: ER @ 9am (arrive @ 8) = full bladder, mucho pain- awesomeness
12/26 or 28: 3dt or 5dt = squee!!!

so there you go- my trigger was last night, my retrieval is tomorrow morning & if all goes as it did last time: i'll have plenty of healthy eggs with will become embryos, thanks to my husband's lovely sperm, which will then be popped into my uterus, resulting in the conception of my adorable boy/girl twins.

yes? haha- one can hope...and pray!
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Danse said...

Good luck!!!! I think we will be on the same schedule. I'll be pulling for you!

Rebekah said...

In your own words, "squee"!! Good luck!!

Stephanie said...

How exciting that things are happening so soon!!! I'm excited for you and always hoping and praying for the very best!

Jennifer said...

Much luck to you hun!

Joshua A. said...

Good luck hun!

May T said...

Praying for you hunny!!

kim said...

Just checking in on you in the middle of your 2ww. I hope you are hanging in there and I really hope god news is coming your way soon!