Thursday, December 18, 2008

day 8 of stims

E2= 1,637
LH= 4.54
Follies= many mature ones
LO: 16, 15, 14x2, 13, 12.5 & 12
RO:14, 13, 12x2 & 11x2
gonal-f= 75iu thurs & fri
ganirelix= 1 pre-filled syringe fri & sat
f/u bw&us= sat @ 7a.m (cries)

so i'm sailing along rather smoothly- i will be stimming longer this cycle because i was started at much lower doses than my 1st fresh cycle- so this is good. i should trigger sometime this weekend or perhaps on monday (i'm guessing)and my ER will fall around the 23 or so(ish)


in other news- my bff at work is leaving. i should add that this bff is also my "go to girl" & my quasi "boss" she pretty much answers all my questions & listens to me bitch about everything. she's leaving us to pursue her nursing career & while i'm happy for her, who am i going to get to do all my work for me now? ::sob::
alas- perhaps i shall do it myself...ugh.

lastly: if i wanted to get high right now, i totally could. i would simply need to go stand in the stairwell for 5 minutes & take a few deep breaths.
the smell of fresh paint is intoxicating.
but i'm at work- so i shall refrain from such uncouth activities.
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shawnandlarissa said...

Looks like your E2 is staying in check. Good stuff

Stephanie said...

I'm glad things are going along well for your. Your ER is coming up very soon!! How exciting! I'm sending tons of love and good vibes your way!