Tuesday, December 2, 2008

blah blah blah

today is the husband's 29th birthday- happy birthday husband!!
he already got his present a couple weeks ago (at his own request) so i don't have to go out searching for a gift- but i do need to go home tonight & make dinner & some sort of cake. hmmm.

in other news: i'm pissed. my appt with the genetic counselor went well on friday, and she promised she would fax over the notes to my RE yesterday so that he can review them & tell me what's going on.
so i called my RE yesterday morning & asked them to give me a call to make sure they got the notes & etc. sooo i wait ALL EFFING DAY and FINALLY at 5 the nurse calls (i'm pissed because i missed her call) and says that she "waited until 5 to see if the fax would come in but it never did- maybe tomorrow?"

ummm- wtf?! why would you wait until 5!? the genetic counselor's office closed at 5 so i couldn't even call & ask them to fax it! so now i'm pissed at the genetic's office & my RE's stupid nurse because if she had called, even an hour earlier, then i could have called & gotten this taken care of! but nope- now i have to deal with it today & waste another day (literally) of our very little time. GOD! people are so dumb. so yeah- i'm going to call the genetic counselor's office as soon as they open & reem them out- then i'm going to MAKE the dr. fax the info right THEN & call me RE's nurse again. stupid. i shouldn't have to do this crap. meh.

i know i'm only this pissed because we're really pressing our luck with the whole time thing here- but still. it's not hard to stick a couple sheets of paper in a fax machine & press the button. it's also not hard to pick up a phone & let a patient know (before 5) that they haven't recieved the fax that decides your effing future. idiots.

so because of all this i went to bed really angry last night & i stayed up thinking about how angry i've been lately. i mean seriously, i'm ALWAYS angry about stuff. like, while i'm laying there i hear the dog get up and pee- but she didn't pee on the mat, she peed on the floor & then my other dog pulled his blanket out of his cage & covered up her pee with it....WHY!? why would he do that?! i just washed their shit that day!!! i was SO MAD! so i clean that up & then i got BACK into bed & i was even more livid & UGH! this is NOT healthy.

if this cycle doesn't work- i'm going to have to seek therapy- i'm serious. if i don't i'll probably kill someone. and then go to prison- and i'd totally become someone's bitch in prison- eek. gross.

but yeah- so i'm going to try & be happy today. i passed out my Christmas cards & that always makes me happy. sort of. but at 8:30 when the dr's office opens- oh boy.
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Marijana said...

Aw, t--I'm so sorry you had a bad day yesterday. I hate when personnel at doctor's offices are incompetent like that. Drives me effing nuts--you have every right to feel the way the you feel.

LMAO (sorry) about the dogs. Leo did something similar to me the other night. Ah the joy of small dogs who can't hold their pee till morning....


Nikki1007 said...

I am sorry about the asshats at the Drs. offices. They suck. I had to laugh at the dogs though. One of my cats covers up the dogs accidents.

momofonefornow said...

I blogged about being pissed off today as well.

Am I the only one that thinks it is ludicrous that doctors offices can NEVER move records like they say they will? If any other business did such a poor job of following though with their promise to their customers they would lose that customer. Must be nice to be able to do a piss poor job without any negative consequences. (Oh look, there's my pleasant attitude again.)