Monday, December 8, 2008

i got my "box of drugs" on friday- woooo. the receptionist is always dying to ask me what these huge boxes are- but she never does. good girl!

i went in for my supression check @ 6:30 this lovely, cold morning- jeeze- & everything looked good on the ultrasound & i'll get my bloodwork results & instructions this afternoon. i should be starting stims on thurs. or fri.

my holiday office party is on thurs- along with cessna's vet appt. to get her stiches out. i'm going to do about 1-2 hours of office party & then head on home. the husband said he'd take her- but i don't feel like sticking around at the party anyway. if i leave early then i don't have to do the yankee swap or deal with the "you're not drinking?" queries. nice.

this weekend went swimmingly- the husband was hunting all day sat so i got to run some errands & finish one of the scarves i'm knitting. then on sun we managed to go to the mall & pick up his mom's b-day gift & use t he awesome Yankee Candle coupons that i aquired from the paper- SUPER score. we also made a one stop shop deal at Shaws where we managed to snag 95% of the giftcards we need for our friends/families for Christmas. so all that's left is some baking and maybe 1 or 2 more store runs. i was pleeeeased!
then we went to his parent's for dinner & after we got home i managed to back the red velvet cake that hi work requested for b-days this month. i will frost it tonight & that's another $20 in my pocket.

hmmm- i think that's about it for now. i'm waiting, with baited breath, on the Coach coupon that is coming to me from another lovely nestie- with this coupon i shall purchase the matching wallet to my latest Coach bag! SCORE! my husband doesn't think it's a score- but i do. plus, if he can spend $700 on a freaking rifle- i can spend LESS than $200 on a wallet. so THERE!

ok- that's really that!! i'm going to work now. perhaps. meh.
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I tagged you! See my blog for details. (Don't hate me its an easy one!)