Thursday, December 18, 2008


ok- so this year consisted of me making some lovely Christmas gifts to go along with cards, gift card, presents & etc:

some yummy "trail mix" containers- i use quotations because this "trail mix" consists of a layer of each the following;

m&m's- mini oreos- granola bites- chopped Pirouette's & chocolate chunks. HA! super healthy, i know! my elfster got one- lucky her!

i also made chewy chocolate chip cookies & glazed pumpkin chocolate chip cookies & packaged them up in pretty green Ziploc™ containers. mmmm!

lastly- i got these SUPER CUTE doxie Birkies™ off of Ebay. i think they're absolutely fabulous!!!

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True Companions Plus One? said...

Those all sound delicious - yum! And cute birks ;-)

Rebekah said...

Yum! Those shoes make me smile :)

Danse said...

Those shoes are awesome - now I'm tempted to look for a basset version (not that there's much of a difference)