Tuesday, December 16, 2008

day 5 of stims

E2= 721
Follies= 2 "mature ones"
LO: 11.5
RO: 12.5
gonal-f= down to 75iu from 112.5iu
ganirelix= bring with me on thurs. because i may need to take it
f/u bw & us= thurs @ 6:45am

after 5 days of stims, everything i looking pretty good. my E2 tends to shoot up really high because i stim rather well, so my RE started me off at a pretty low dose of gonal-f- 112.5 (my first cycle had me @ 175iu or something like that) my E2 levels are already a little high, so this is why my dose is coming down to a mere 75iu for tonight & tomorrow. also after my appt on Thurs, if the ganirelix is needed that will bring my E2 down even more & will reduce the risk of OHSS.

the nurse only mentioned my mature follies- so i'm assuming i have a bunch of follies that are >10mm. by lowering my gonal-f dose, this will keep me from over-stimming & allow my non-mature follies to mature.

sooo yeah- that's that. i wish i were more excited, but it's not like my 1st cycle. don't get me wrong- i AM happy that things are progressing & that i even have this opportunity- but i'm still pretty wary. i'm also bloated, tired, crampy, headachey, grumpy & etc etc. so yeah- not the best combo.
but still- i AM thankful- very, very thankful.
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shawnandlarissa said...

Sounds like things are going well and they are keeping your E2 in check.

Andrea said...

Glad your E2 is progressing a little more slowly to give those other follies a chance to catch up. I think this will be your BFP cycle! Good luck!!

Sasha & Mark said...

Things are looking good! I used ganirelix in my cycle and was able to avoid OHSS. I am hoping for the best for you...!!

Echloe said...

Glad the stimming is going well so far. I know all about the crazy high E2 business. I had to use trusty ganirelix too. I've got my fingers crossed for you.