Friday, April 25, 2008


so i just took my first stim!!!!! gonal-f rff pen: 150 iu
7:30p.m. -ok so i got it all set up and prepped myself- for like 10 min!!!
it took forever- but i finally "took the plunge"...
"oh, well that didn't hurt AT ALL!!!!" now to listen for the clicking...
ALL DONE! i pulled it out and that was that!!!!
OMG! that was SO EASY! i wasn't freaking out until i actually had the needle in my hand- i had brandon waiting in the wings to document and the poor guy had to stand there for like 10 min while i made him convince me that this wasn't going to hurt- ha! but yeah, i finally did it and i didn't feel a thing. this is going to be a breeze ::finger's crossed::
so yeah- yay! TGIF & TGFSS (thank God for starting stims)!!! we both took our Zithromax tonight and we're on our way to maing a baby! i am SO excited about this whole process!
good luck to ALL the nest ladies starting stims tonight or tomorrow- i'm so stoked for all of us!
God Bless!
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E_Sharp said...

Honest ta ga, you're brave!
Fingers crossed for you!!

Amanda said...


Yea for no pain!

(can I please point out that the security word is jizz- and that I'm currently laughing my ass off)